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  1. hey right before reading this my teacher asked me about a possible presentation topic that I would like and the first thing that came to mind is the illuminati. Do you have any ideas on how to make this TOK-ish (connect it to certain AOK's, WOK, etc..)?
  2. We should discuss another part of the question: what are your views on masturbation? Its kinda werid, some people think its absolutely normal while others are disgraced just by the idea. Do some religions frowm upon it?
  3. my ideal type of woman: 1)real/honest for sure! fake girls are the worse... 2) tall..since im tall myself (6'1) and im only 15 3)all my girlfriends have been older than me...i just tend to like older/wiser women more thas alll 4)lets me take care of her 5)doesnt smoke or do drugs 6)i dont mind the hair..blonde or brown is fine 7) preferrably caucasian/european (not trying to be racist!) 8)a girl thats not afraid to laugh and just let go 9)a girl that has good taste in clothes (yes this is important to guys) but does not care TOO much about the way she looks 10)I i beleive there are different t
  4. Well some of the cons could be the he might not be as close to you or as "touchy" witth you during the month of ramdan (cuz its a religous month and all).just to let u no something, this hole sterotype of muslim women wearing this black and covering abaya and being terrorists is really not true. Some of the pros could be he has a strong faith in God and that probably helps him a lot when he is down. Muslims also beleive that women need to be respected and given their privacy, so that could be a pro. I really dont think it will significantly affect your relationship that much tbh... hope it hel
  5. always remember that there is no point of getting good grades if you dont enjoy life. I mean think about it, isnt the reason we try to get good grades is to be happy and get into a good college so we get a good joob and live a happier life? theres really no point of trying so hard if you arent going to be happy in your life... and if your not with your boyfriend, then thats not going to make you happy. I know people say this all the time, but LIFE IS SHORT! if we spend our lives not being with the people we love, then wats the point of life at all? hope that helps...
  6. I recently heard that in the UK there are 2 advantages if you are applying to medicine: 1)if you get accepted right after you graduate high school, you will be able to completely finish in that university until you graduate (In Canada, every few years you have to reply ex. BS->Med School_>Specialty) Also, 2)In UK, it is one shorter year than if you do it in Canada. I was really excited to apply to Canada, but now I'm having second thoughts. What do you guys think?
  7. dude 36 is a really good score! all the top-noch colleges require a 36+, so you basically already met the requirements. Don't worry, just apply to all the unis and you will at least get into one of them!
  8. surely not a big deal...it'll just add one extra-curricular activity to your application that's all.
  9. i know this girl in my school that recently took a drug overdose...even though i dont know her that well, i still blame myself. The reason she killed herself was because a)her family was so spread apart and her mom was not there for her b)she didnt have ANY friends at school to come to when she had problems at home. Even though I could have not stopped her family problems, it sure would have been easier if she had someone to talk to. And its not like she didnt have any friends because she was ugly or stupid or anything like that, she was always this really quiet girl. Even when she killed hers
  10. Grade 9:(semester 1) English: A Algebra 1: A Physical Science: A World History: A Choir: A Art: A French: B Grade 9:(semester 2-I moved to a new country) English: B- Algebra 1: B Earth Science: B World History: B+ PE: A French: B+ Speech: B+ Grade 10: AP History: B Honors Bio: B- Algebra 2: C+ Geometry: B+ PE: A English: A Arabic: B+ Grade 10 (semester 2): AP History: A Honors Bio: C+ ( Algebra 2: B Geometry: B+ PE:B+ English: A Arabic: A- I am currently in Grade 11. I know my 10th grade marks are not that good. I am currently taking IB, and i'm doing really well (mostly A's). If i get pretty
  11. it takes me only like 2-3 hours/day and im taking hl chem,hl bio, and hl history. so yeah its probably just procastination...
  12. Hey guys. So I should have already given my TOK teacher my topic last week, but I have absolutely no idea what I want to do. I want to do medicine when I go to university, so my teacher suggested something in human physiology. I tried for hours looking and trying to come up with a topic in that area but I found absolutely nothing. Do you guys have any good idea? Thanks!
  13. hey guys. I should have already told my TOK teacher which topics im doing for my EE yesterday. I gave in "the role plastic surgery plays in body dysmorphic disorder." I really don't like this topic because I can't really do an experiment, I can only take statistics. Do guys have any good ideas that don't include plants? The topic can be about anything in Biology. I was thinking about something like how a certain enzyme differently affects some of the bonds? I really dont no. HELP PLEASE!
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