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  1. My IB Music (HL) teacher (and I, by extension) was unaware of curriculum/syllabus changes that occurred in 2011, and so I'm afraid that there might be a mistake on the compositions that I submitted for my IA. On the form, I should have put that my compositions were "Music Technology Composing", since I used software to both compose and to create the soundtracks, but instead it was simply listed as "Composition". Will this cause problems in grading, and does it jeopardize my HL Music score and my ability to get the Diploma?
  2. I've finished my compositions, got mp3 files for all of them, got them on CDs, blah blah blah. The sample compositions I've seen that IB provides all have some sort of background information or something that the composer wrote. What exactly do I need to write, and how much? Thanks.
  3. Thank you for the replies. Unfortunately, my CAS coordinator and my IBC are the same person, so I can't talk to someone else about it. Our coordinator is in charge of everything IB in school (except teaching, though he does also do a history class). To explain more about what he said, when I asked him about the new CAS rules (post 2010), he said that it was okay and that we would have enough activities (because he didn't tell us about anything or give us a syllabus; I found out by myself), because he would be splitting our projects in two: he said that we could take a project that we did, and
  4. Our coordinator barely accepts anything as CAS. Also, from the way he explains things, I don't really know what I'm supposed to do. For example, he says the creativity hours can be earned through using an art to better the community, or by planning other CAS activities (I've heard that some kids in other schools don't need to have it related to the community; I know some people who got hours for practising an instrument, but our coordinator won't allow this). Thing is, when I tried to log the hours that I spent doing marching band, he refused them because it's a school activity (even though I
  5. The task says, at one point, "A researcher suggests that the population, P at time t can be modelled by P(t) = (K)/(1+Le^-Mt), where K, L, and M are parameters. Use technology to estimate and interpret K, L, and M. Construct the researcher's model using your estimates." What if I had already gotten this type of function earlier on when it asked to develop a model function? I'm confused as to what I'm supposed to do, here.
  6. I don't know if the IBO counts video game music as an actual genre of music. If yes, I'd like to use it in my musical investigation. Can anyone tell me whether or not it's okay to use it? Thanks.
  7. Hello; I have two questions for which I cannot find answers. First, is there a minimum/maximum word count for this IA? Second, is it appropriate to use the firs person pronoun throughout the paper? My teacher told me to do that, but I don't know if that's a good idea. ("I use the ____ formula", "I will draw ____"...) Thanks for any help.
  8. Can we use absolutely any genre for the IA? I was thinking of doing an early 20th century Russian war song along with modern-day EDM (electronic dance music) or some other kind of modern popular music. I don't know if IB allows that, though. My teacher hasn't really been much of a help because she doesn't have time to go over things with us. Thanks for any help.
  9. So, if I'm in a group of two, I fill out the three forms for myself and he fills out three others for himself?
  10. So my ToK teacher doesn't really know what he actually is supposed to do (and I can't blame him, considering they just gave him the job this year and he didn't want it in the first place). So, he doesn't know much about the forms required for the presenters. I know that there is a presentation marking form, a candidate self-evaluation form, and a presentation planning document. Are those the only ones? Are there more? Can anyone give me any more information? Also, if we work in groups, does each candidate have to fill out an individual form? I'm pretty sure the answer yes, but I want to make
  11. I am confused about how to set up the title page for my EE. I did my paper in the APA format, with the cover page having the running header, the subject, subject area, my name, candidate number, my school's name, my exam session (May 2011), and the word count, all centred (except running header). However, I'm just guessing that this is the right way to do it; my coordinator told me to set it up differently, but the way he told me to do it was in MLA format (and I don't think IB graders would be impressed at seeing an APA paper with an MLA cover page). Could anyone please clarify this for me?
  12. I was wondering if, for IB Music HL, we are allowed to arrange a piece as one of our compositions. Is that allowed? Our teacher isn't very forthcoming with this kind of information. That and she has a tendency to make mistakes in reference to what you can and can't do for IB. Also, my friend wanted to set a poem by Poe to music, but he's not sure if that's allowed.
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