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  1. I'm half way on the otherside of the world and I can't avoid it. Uh...who cares? Seriously, the world is not going to stop moving.
  2. I'm not sure how IB Music classes work at your school but doesn't part of the class at least require you to play music in class?! Regarding what happens: she loses her diploma, no other option about it. If you have proof, you definitely should report it to your school and the IB Coordinator, because a) it's really unfair that such a person is valedictorian and somewhat representative of your class and b) it's not fair to the person who she plagiarised.
  3. @Desy: Reps can be reversed in the ACP but it won't help you get the number of rep click per day back.
  4. I don't think it's very useful to speculate on this but for the sake of your curiosity: - There are certainly accounts with @ibo.org emails but we (admins) don't keep track to see whether they're active or not. - We have had some contact with people who work for IBO for various reasons, none of them hostile, but that was quite a long while ago when I was still an active poster (just to give you an idea of how long) and we haven't had any contact with anyone affiliated with IBO recently. - We really don't care if there are any IB teachers or IBO persons hanging around, we're not doing anythin
  5. Well you have to think that if you do English B at IB, what will you do for your A1 subject? Vietnamese? (If you go to school in Vietnam I should hope that is an option)
  6. Just out of curiosity, why? The University of Melbourne is a very good university, one that many who have plans to go to Australia for uni aim for. I work for the AusAID scholarship project in Vietnam and when we have university exhibitions, you just can't get the students away from unis like Melbourne, Monash and UQ. Of course Melbourne is not necessarily famous for Englist Lit, but I don't understand why your parents think it's so hard to get anywhere with a degree from Australia. One thing to note as well, is that unlike British and American universities who are ranked according to the qua
  7. On the one hand, yes, ESL students may struggle with English A1 since it is aimed at students who speak English at a level that is close to native. If you think about it, the exams are very time-limited, to construct the quality of work that is expected at a level 6 or 7 you do have to think fast and work fast in English, both in the written exam and in your IOC. If an ESL student doesn't do as well here, it's not because they don't know the literature or they don't have the idea, it's more that they take longer to express them. But on the other hand, plenty of native speakers will struggle w
  8. It's not a bad idea and I can understand the appeal it but we're also a bit reluctant to make too many forums that will not have enough topics to fill it. Realistically, each subject would have around 2-3 textbooks that you would consider (at most) and a course guide and whatnot. I just don't think that would be enough threads to fill an entire new forum just on textbooks. Usually the need for a new separate forum become obvious when the threads on that particular topic gets so numerous that we can't keep track of them and we need to make a new place to put it all in. At the moment I don't se
  9. You should be able to access it now. We somehow didn't put in the permission settings for the VIP group to access the forum. Don't know how that happened. Sorry for the confusion!
  10. Guys, can we limit the talk on EE and IA and writing essays on Pride and Prejudice from this thread? I know it's a pretty blurred line, but if you want to talk about the books in relation to reading it in class or an assignment on it, plrease go to the Language A1 forum. This is to discuss the book as a book, for reading pleasure. You're not really supposed to support how Mrs Bennet goes about her business, but I think readers at the time would probably look at Mrs Bennet with a wry smile and a certain sympathy. She has the right priority - getting her daughters settled and married - but she
  11. They're not great in terms of historical accuracies, but the Tudor series by Phillippa Gregory is a pretty good read. She takes a lot of artistic license in all the books and it can be pretty glaring, but the plot is incredibly dense and engaging that after a while it does suck you in. The Other Boleyn Girl was the first book in a while that kept me reading through the night. (Don't see the movie. It's ridiculous). I've actually just read a book called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. She writes mainly Chinese historical fiction so unless you're interested in that it can be a little
  12. Au contraire, I hated the books after reading the book. The movies just gave everything - the love, the hatred - that much more exposure. Harry Potter also came to much more attention (at least in the US) after the movies were announced. Most of the disapproval I have and that I see other people have of Twilight is purely based on the horrible writing and bad messages in the books. As to people saying I'm just jealous, well, yes, I am. If Meyer puts in no work developing her characters and her story and still got published, making millions, why do I have to agonise for hours over a single scen
  13. Plagiarism only applies when you claim work that is not your own as yours. In and of itself, the topic has very little to do with plagiarism. She's in another school, for goodness's sake, the IBO doesn't expect you to know what every single other IB student is doing. Besides if you don't copy each other, it will be obvious, just as it would be obvious when you start copying each other. The math stuff will have to be different if you gather different data.
  14. I have very very big issues with this argument. What's the point of reading, if what they're reading is trash, or worst, contain very bad messages? What's the point of encouraging young girls to read, if what they read tells them that they should kill themselves over a hot guy, they should forever be bowing down to their man who is there to protect them and never let them do anything, and that a woman is never happy until she has a husband and a baby? Normally I would not agree with the idea of book banning, but if there is ever a book that needs to be banned, I really think it should be Twi
  15. Ignore that. I clicked on the thread from the list of last updated threads outside the main forum and it took me to my last unread post, which was obviously back when Africa still existed. And I didn't think to check whether that is the last page of thread.
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