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  1. Hello everyone! I''m currently doing a History EE on the topic of the deceptive operation Mincemeat that ultimately led to the successful invasion of Sicily during WW2. I have all my ideas down, as well as my research near completion, however I am still unsure how to structure my essay. I was thinking of doing a cause-effect essay, where it describes why the invasion would not have been successful but for the operation. I'm currently working on a detailed outline and would like to know how to structure it. I have an introduction, research question, and thesis so far, and would like to know w
  2. Grape gape gap rap raw row crow cow caw cat scat seat heat beat beast yeast yeas year rear near sear smear swear sweat sweet sweep weep wep web wet yet yen yes yews Jews pews peas seas sets bets pets jets nets lets less mess fess fest feast beast yeast least last past part park perk pork work wok wonk conk coak cork cord core bore bare dare ware wore word ward bard yard hard card car cor cot coat boat boar bear beard heard herd herb her herd head had hard card cord cork dork dark dart fart fat fad dad dads pads pats pass piss kiss hiss his sis sir sit bit bits hits sh.its ships skips slips lip
  3. Hot cause he's rocking those shades. (:
  4. Doing SAT Prep. ;P What do you WISH you were doing?
  5. Granted but you become so overloaded with work you can't enjoy it. I wish that I now know all the answers for the SAT tomorrow. =[
  6. Granted, but it's because all your CAS hours are now invalid! =[ I wish I didn't have to take the SATs
  7. Granted but instead you spend it cleaning out bathroom stalls with your friends. =[ I wish it wasnt so hot outside
  8. Granted, but no one accepts your grades for university. =[ I wish there was less work to do
  9. Granted but when you wake up you find out that you've got loads of detentions for missing school. I wish there was no math test tomorrow
  10. I think universities wouldn't mind so much. As long as you really did have decent grades, they'll infer, correctly, that your interests simply changed. It's all really dependent on the program you're applying for too, right? I see that you went from SL to HL Chem, if you're applying to like maybe Pre-Med, they'll probably like that. Again, I think it's dependent on the program. I don't think they'll care as long as you kept up your grades. (:
  11. ...How....How did you know? IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SECRET. Haha, I haven't tried that yet but I kind of want t... just because my brother taught me the elements song in Grade 5. "There's....antimony, arsenic, aluminium, selenium..." Next poster is a geek at heart
  12. Granted but then your nose develops a terrible itch. I wish that there was a new episode of Big Bang Theory.
  13. Granted, but then you have to take some other language that you've never learned! I wish my friends would play League of Legends with me =[
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