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  1. I thought Geo P1 was quite easy. I picked the migration essay (#5). Also, I thought P2 was not too bad. What Options did you guys choose? Chem HL and Bio HL the following week. At this point, I regret taking two sciences at HL
  2. Thank you, Cynthia! So all of us are safe for now? I'll speak to my Coordinator first thing on Monday!
  3. Hey Everyone! So I log onto IBS after a long day of Geo and German only to found out that the answer sheets on the Math exams, Geo P1 and upcoming science papers are pure evil. I have been getting many messages after posting a terrified status update on IBS and thought it would make sense if everyone could share the information they received from their coordinators (or elsewhere). On my end, we were not told anything about not being able to write outside the boxes. If this were the case and it were a cardinal sin to do so, wouldn't the IBO write this in the instruction on the main cover of t
  4. No problem! I do hope what I said will help you tomorrow. My exam is at 8 am and since you live in Poland I assume your exam starts at around the same time (ie no time difference). Do let me know how your exam went (in a message or something) since we won't be allowed to discuss the exam until Saturday. Just a general message. Good Luck!
  5. Have a look at this website perhaps: http://www.geographyalltheway.com/ib_geography/ib-hazards/hazards-disasters.htm The have revision material for only three options, but apparently you have to register and pay. I am not sure if the website has enough resources though. I could not find any other online resources. Maybe Planet Geography has online resources you can buy/ download?
  6. Oh! That means you have the 4th edition. I have the 5th edition and the Oxford Study Guide. What options do you plan to answer? For Hazards and Disasters, for example, you need to be familiar with the following disasters: 1. Either Earthquakes or Volcanoes 2. Droughts 3. Hurricanes 4. Any one recent human-induced (technological) hazard resulting in an explosion or escape of hazardous material (Recent = year 2000 onwards) Perhaps you could start making case studies? At least that will get you somewhere. Try to be familiar with definitions and their distribution. Also, why do people live in thes
  7. I do not know of any website with notes for the new syllabus. What books do you use? And take a deep breath. IB students will always find a way. I mean we procrastinate when it comes to everything and manage to survive. This is just another pebble you have to jump over! Don't make it a boulder! Okay, so again, what books do you use? Any study guides?
  8. No worries! I'm glad I could help a fellow IB-sufferer! The 7s are in the bag!
  9. Best of Luck to you, too! Might I suggest a website with the assessment criteria? It'll really help you. I do not know if you are HL, but it also has the HL topics and their assessment criteria. If you can answer those questions, you have nothing to fear for tomorrow. As far as I know, we'll get all the Options. Each Option has 2 questions (with parts) and we have to answer 2 (SL) or 3 (HL) in total. Remember to take each question from a different option. I know it sucks to be reviewing on the last day, but do not panic. I'm pretty sure you'll be fine! So without further ado, here's the IB Geo
  10. Hey! It's a lot different. The old syllabus had option with different names.The options in the new syllabus include: 1. A: Freshwater - Issues and Conflicts 2. B: Oceans and their Coastal Margins 3. C: Extreme Environments 4. Hazards and Disasters - Risk Assessment and Response 5. E: Leisure, Sport and Tourism 6. F: The Geography of Food and Health 7. G: Urban Environments Hopefully this helps? I'm surprised you or your teacher were not aware of the changes. At least that is how I interpret your situation.
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