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  1. If you are planning to pursue a career in engineering, then Chemistry SL/HL is very useful (I believe it is a requirement to have chemistry for engineering but I am not sure at what level). Economics would be more helpful than history as it is less memorization but more understanding the concepts I agree with the previous speaker on the importance of making the IB as doable as possible. Also, if you know swedish but are planning to study in Denmark, then you should take Swedish A2/B, as it should give you eligibility to apply for danish university courses (I am not 100% sure about this point t
  2. I believe first of all, you should be at peace with yourself. This means that you should not call yourself names or describe yourself with "nasty" adjectives. Second I believe that, if you keep up the "fighter" mentality by studying as hard as possible AND trying to keep your psychological status in a fashion as it is now; then you should be just fine. A study tip would be to do old exam papers, as many as possible as one may learn many NEW things from the markschemes, possibly as soon as NOW (don´t wait until the prior to finals). I believe that you should concentrate on your final exams and
  3. OK, good luck with your future studies, whichever subject you choose to study . The cost is very high but it may well be worth it (one of the benefits of studying in Scandinavia is that it is free )
  4. You have a very good chance of getting accepted, but if I were you I would ask my coordinator and be even more sure of the rules etc. However, a problem when it comes to applying to Denmark is that you will have to wait until next year (ie you have to apply in march 2014) for BOTH the autumn and spring terms, so you will essentially have a gap year waiting......In my (humble) opinion I believe it is worth the wait. See this page http://läkarstudent.se/danmark.html and scroll down to "antagningsstatistik" for even more statistics An off topic question: Did you study the IB in Sweden?
  5. http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=8330028509897547258&postID=7520255916237129197&isPopup=true For more reassurance
  6. No there are no IB credits but you only need 38; google ib to danish grades; also if you apply within 2 years of getting diploma you multiply your danish score by 1.08 to get something called "kvikbonus". Thus i assure you that your grades are most likely enough
  7. YES you can study medicine in denmark (the only "problem" is that it is in danish) with "only" 38. I assume you know swedish, thus I advice you to see this blog http://www.voiceofsteve.com/ About a swedish medical student in denmark, where he explains the admission process etc. I researched the matter as one of my options was to study medicine in Denmark. Good luck with your studies
  8. Medicine ? As I believe that Denmark and Norway require Maths, physics and chemistry but NOT biology. I believe that 38 IB points would, with a high degree of certainty, get you into a medical school in Denmark
  9. options B and E are the easiest imo for physics SL
  10. Take 7 subjects, score 45 in diploma and 6 in certificate subject (or 44 and 7)
  11. I would say choose Biology and Chemistry HL, physics SL in the diploma (if your school allows that, as there are countries that require physics), and Maths SL. Good uck with your future studies
  12. Hello IB survivers I was wondering if anyone of you guys managed to get some overall grade boundaries from their coordinators, I managed to to get History SL route 2 peacemaking ones, so whoever has some grade boundaries for may 2012 examinations, please place them here for the general benefit and future reference (for IB students practicing past papers etc) History SL Route 2-Peacemaking Overall grade boundaries 1:0-10 2:11-23 3:24-32 4:33-43 5:44-54 6:55-65 7:66-100 Hope we manage to get the grade boundaries for all IB subjects ( or the most popular at least)
  13. you should remark,even if (God forbid) you get slightly downgraded (according to our coordinator there is that chance),its unlikely that you get downgraded by by so many pts such that your grade is below 6.I wish you luck and i hope you get that 7
  14. On android, I used dolphin browser and it worked, so download the iOS dolphin browser and see if that works
  15. Haha, I feel like so many History SL students (myself included) do not prioritize the subject. In my school all serious history students choose HL, and the science minded people choose SL for an easy ride. I got a 5 on my exam and someone told me that my overall results were very good, but that they just couldn't help but stare at the 5 in history. Congrats on all of your 7s! Yea; should´ve convinced my principle to have physics in the diploma; then it would´ve gone much better
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