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  1. John McGlashan College, New Zealand Nov 2011
  2. did anyone do the question about renewable sources? If so, what value did you get when it asked for the total energy produced?
  3. Paper 1 was a bit iffy, many of the questions were nice but some of them were down to chance Paper 2 was relatively nice!, although i was very disappointed that they didn't have topic 7 for part B.
  4. Banned cause your annoying me when you type like this.
  5. the marking scheme says that it is B, current is 0.....
  6. ah.... shoot.....the area. cheers. Won't the ammeter and voltmeter both read 0? (answers says otherwise O.o)
  7. Can anyone help me with part b)? The answer says the gradient = -Ea/R which results in -30000K- how do they get it, (the -30000K) Cheers
  8. You too aye mate? It didn't go well for me too. it was a lot harder than i had expected. Ended up running out of time and not being able to complete a 6 point question (the last bit to the sine/cosine graph question)
  9. well, the code of conduct says you cannot bring it to an exam ( screenshot here: http://puu.sh/82fD ) so if you twinked/used correcting fluid- it out, would that count as malpractice?
  10. what do you mean exactly by not give you the mark? if it was a math exam, would you get 0 points for the whole question, or just for that section you used twink on?
  11. Hi guys, Just wondering, what will actually happen if you use twink/white-out on your exam paper. Will they automatically fail you, or will they just deny the opportunity for a remark?
  12. Could have been worse, but could have been a lot better Didn't see anything in the prose (dancing bear? ) So ended up with the poem. It was a nice poem, but I couldn't get much out of it (only about 5 sides of the paper ) Hope the examiner likes what i wrote
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