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  1. I wouldn't take it back, not for anything. Sure there were days when I would have said otherwise, but now that I'm through it I can honestly say I owe a lot to IB. I came into it expecting a lot of college credit, and that was about it. Unfortunately, a lot of the colleges and universities I was interested in didn't take IB credit because it's so new to the area. That's not to say IB isn't as great as we all thought it was as far as university is concerned - I know quite a few people in my graduating class who received a full ride due to IB. Anyway, by the time it came for me to be applying, t
  2. I did mine on Human Rights, and didn't find this until I was about half-way done. All I can say is that I wish I had found it sooner, I found it helped a lot. Official syllabus type thing: http://production-app2.ibo.org/publication/19/part/4/chapter/15 Also, I find it can be difficult to find examples of HR EEs, but if you look at similar topics (history, philosophy, peace and conflict, etc) and look at the examiner's comments keeping that syllabus in mind you can begin to get a feel for what your essay should at least sound like. I found these to be pretty helpful, good range of grades to com
  3. Finney

    HI Topic

    The Canadian Caper: What were its effects on Cold War relations of the United States and Canada as well as international relations with Iran? I feel relations might be too broad of a word, but I can't think of how else to state it. Any advice on that, or anything else in general I should be concerned about? I had wanted to analyze the international relations with the middle east as a whole before a friend of mine pointed out that this would be way too broad, so I figured I would just focus on Iran but also mention other middle eastern countries for support. I originally was just going to do th
  4. I had a similar attitude in my first few years of IB - not quite as extreme, but there was a sense of IB superiority among me and my graduating class. Never so much with the AP kids (we had a playful rivalry, knowing that in many instances our course work was very similar. Of course this didn't stop us from trying to make it sound like we had it harder - and with TOK and CAS and EE I think we sometimes do), but with the "normal" classes in our school. And in the past few months I've felt badly about my snobbishness... that is, until my IB friend told me about her "normal" US History class (re
  5. Our coordinator doesn't teach. She used to be a biology teacher, but when she became coordinator she left her teaching position (she was moving into administration when the program came along, and she chose that instead). Considering we're the first class to go through the program and we're all still getting used to things, I doubt she would have time to teach even if she wanted to. She does help to tutor the biology kids after school, and if we ask her she'll read over our English A1 and TOK essays and EE drafts, and usually gives brilliant advice. I think she would have been really cool to h
  6. It's the same why at my school; we know and get along with the non-IBers, but we hang out with other IB kids more. I see it a lot in the Junior class, but that may just be because we're the first class to go through this program and so really we're the only ones that understand what we're all going through. We started with 38 kids in Freshmen year, and now I believe we're down to 25. So we just keep getting closer, lol.
  7. Ah, thanks for mentioning that. I meant to say that even if Russia wasn't truly expansionist at the time, that was still how all of communism was viewed by the West.
  8. I was talking to my coordinator last week about this, regarding my not-so-hot grades. She told me that most colleges would rather see a C in IB than an A in normal classes... which I'm still not too sure about, but she usually knows what she's talking about. Of course, IB is still a fairly new program in most parts of the country, meaning that there's a wide range in what credits a college will even accept from IB (some enroll you as a sophomore, others only accept HL, some don't even recognize it) depending on the college/university. As far as free time goes - that's pretty much the price of
  9. Exactly; with pressure mounting from German advances, Lenin agreed to withdraw Russia from the war. As far as why it wasn't allowed to join, I suppose you could say that. More specifically, the allies in WWI agreed not to deal or negotiate individually with the Germans, which the USSR did when it pulled out of WWI. Also, the purpose of the LON was to keep peace worldwide, which went completely against the expansionist nature of the Soviet Union, which sought to spread its ideology and government as far as it could.
  10. Since its founding, the U.S. had a policy of isolationism. WWI was really the first international thing America had gotten involved in in its history, and at that time the country wanted to avoid getting caught up in international conflicts (that's all 3,000 miles away, why should that concern us?) and instead keep to itself.
  11. The number one piece of advice that my teacher gave me was "Don't do anything that you're not interested in." If that topic bores you, you're not going to want to spend your time researching it. There's just as good of a topic out there that just might interest you if you look for it. But really, if you want to do something with the Tongzhi Restoration, do it. I don't know anything about it, so I can't offer any help there, but I'm fairly certain that it's a big enough topic that there's something you can find that would help to narrow this topic down. Sorry to not be of more help there, just
  12. Finney

    HI Topics

    I meant to thank you all awhile back, but you know how it is... the life of an IB student. Anyway, thanks so much for the feedback, I've been working with your advice and my teacher to narrow the topic down. That's always the issue for me - I feel that once I settle on something, my research will lead me to something else and then I'm back to square one. I'm working on being more disciplined about that. Also, Scade, if the offer's still out there, I may be asking you about some of the books you mentioned on the downfall of communism. Thanks again!
  13. Finney

    HI Topics

    So after starting with about ten possible questions, I'm very happy to now have only two to decide between... but I just can't. So, between the following, which would you recommend doing? 1. What caused the end of the Cold War, and how does the debate over credit between the US and USSR effect the way the war is viewed today? 2. To what extent did Gorbachev's reforms bring about the internal collapse of the USSR? (focusing primarily on Glasnost and Perestroika) If you have input on how to refine the questions, I'd love to hear it. Also, I was wondering whether or not you think these have been
  14. Edgewood High School, USA, May '12 (first graduating IB class!)
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