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  1. From what it's looking like at the moment, I'll be doing 4 papers on May 10th, 2012. The papers are Physics (P1+P2) , Language A1 (Arabic P1 in my case) and Environmental Studies (P1). I'm sure that the cruelty of this world IB has left many others in the same situation as mine throughout the years and I'm wondering as to how such scenarios have played out in the end and if there's a way to deal with such monumental stress without a total nervous breakdown. Have any of you survivors been through this situation? What did the school's management do to help you (if anything)? What was it like?
  2. I did IGCSE for years 10/11 and it was pretty good. Currently I'm in the last year of IB and I'm looking at 38 points (minus bonuses). The subjects I did included Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I'd recommend taking them all just so you have an idea as which is/are your strongest science subject(s). Doing Physics HL and Chemistry HL with no problem at all in IB, getting the best grades possible. ICT is a good subject to take if you were considering ITGS in IB but you really don't need it. ITGS is that easy especially in SL. On a less serious note, don't take IGCSE Art unless you were serious
  3. Hello, fellow IB'ers! As the title says, I'm starting my mock exams very soon and that itself made last week really unbearable. You might think that I'm currently wasting my time on this thread but if you consider that I have been revising long enough you might cut me some slack and say: "Hey, maybe he actually needs some form of human contact" Anyway, I came here to ask about your experiences with mock exams and what you'd recommend me to do. They (the school's management) managed to cram all of my tests in 17 days so it's going to be a whole new level of stress. Is it really worth it to go
  4. It's more like conception. I can go onto arts and how some of them have become "old fashioned" and how technology aided that. There's also the cultural differences even within a certain society due to globalization. Again, that's exactly why I can't make a good KI. I start describing all kinds of things and get nowhere... So yeah, I need help :$
  5. My teacher's Ms. L. T. I don't wanna write her full name because I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. The thing is that I'm not out of topics, I just can't make a good knowledge issue out of them. I'm currently considering "To what extent has generations' perception changed?" Does that sound good to you?
  6. I have been struggling with knowledge issues in TOK. Every time I get my hands on a new topic that has so much potential there's never a good knowledge issue that I can come up with. I tried talking to my TOK teacher but she dismisses all of them for being either too narrow or descriptive. I finally came across Homeopathy and I find it very interesting but I still can't find a proper knowledge issue that I can link to different areas of knowledge. However, I have thought of something in the lines of the methodology used and how it varies in different areas of knowledge. I'm kinda stuck with ho
  7. I have this presentation I need to do for TOK even though it's not going to be done in the proper form. Anyway, I need to answer this question :"Is memory the most fundamental way of knowing? Is there knowledge without memory?" I have done some research on this but I need fresh eyes on this one. Anything can be useful Thnx
  8. I must say that natural depends on what we are. I believe that the world functions perfectly and that there's a reason for people to be Males and Females. I see no purpose in gay marriage as it does not serve the core purpose of marriage its self. What is the point of getting married to an individual of the same sex knowing your name will never be passed down to the next generation. Even if you adopt a child you cannot substitute the orphan with a child of your own. I honestly hold no grudge against homosexual individuals but I do not think that the word marriage to describe their relationship
  9. Well now we have this new ITGS teacher and he's our homeroom teacher. He is a proper ITGS teacher unlike the others in the IT department. anyways, thanks for your help and what a coincidence it is to know someone from my school on such a website. Small world.
  10. I study in the Sultan's School in Oman. Thats on the arabian gulf. Maths SL is really easy. I didn't find it that challenging so maths HL is my way to go. Environmental systems is a bit risky. We are the first students at our school to take this course and teachers are a problem.
  11. Hi, I have just just started my IB course this week although we are 4 weeks behind. However, Once we've started i had a feeling of me having the wrong combination of subjects. My friends think that I have gone nuts and my teachers are telling me its a lot of work. Now I am constantly thinking of changing my options but thought i could get some help from you survivors. These are subjects which I am currently doing: Maths SL: Changing to higher English A2 SL: Keeping it Environmental Systems SL: Changing to ITGS SL Physics HL: Keeping it Chemistry HL: Keeping it Arabic A1 HL: Changing to SL I w
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