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  1. For our TPPP, how many theatre traditions and external productions and school productions should we mention? It is better to just mention one or two and go in depth? Our class did a unit on naturalism, devising theatre, commedia and bunraku... and I've watched about 5 external productions. How many should I talk about, because 30 minutes isn't actually that much. And, how symbolic should our 7-10 images be?
  2. How does the IB feel about swear words? I've written some of the script for my PPP and characters swear in it... would they dock points for vulgarity?
  3. Well, you can also talk about Madame Parnelle and the fact that she didn't believe anyone, even Orgon, until the very end that Tartuffe is a hypocrite. Perhaps dramatic irony is a bigger topic you want to explore. Of course, one of the most prominent scenes you can use for that is when Elmire pretends to seduce Tartuffe with Orgon hiding. I'm not sure which translation you're reading, the way Orgon hides differs from one to another, but that is a classic example from the play for dramatic irony. It's a good idea to talk about Theatre if you're going to present a work of this genre. Of course,
  4. Are we supposed to be writing our Paper 3 answers in essay form? For example, the question on the specimen paper asks to explain to advantages and disadvantages of using research strategy in the context of a study, should we answer in paragraph form, or are coherent bullet points (one list for advantages, one list of disadvantages, with explanations embedded in) good enough?
  5. Should there be a section for background information in the design? It seems that on this list the background info is mixed in with the hypothesis, but I was told I should have a section for background info.
  6. So I've written and directed a naturalistic play for my school's One-Act Festival (a bunch of short plays performed throughout a couple of days), and that's basically my IPP. The problem is, my teacher said at one point I should choose between writing and directing when I'm actually writing my IPP. But, which one should I choose?
  7. Ah, I see. For now, I think my controls are -Ethnicity (Caucasian VS Asian) (no half's) -Age (8-10 years old VS 16-18) (no yet hit puberty vs already) of course, for this one, everyone goes through puberty differently, so there's no 100% guarantee, but I think my age ranges should be okay... -Free of biological diseases that affects physical appearance (ie. Down's syndrome) Do you think there are too many variables? It's not really a "when it's this, the results are that" type of design. I have two independent variables, ethnicity and age.. is that even allowed?
  8. We're on topic 4 now and we're doing an IA on variation on the human body. Collecting samples from various sources and looking at the variation. I was thinking of comparing ethnicity and age to the distance between eyes, across the nose bridge (Caucasian=farther distance than Asian; younger children=farther distance than teenagers) Would this make a good IA? I'm not sure what to measure.. the distance between eyes thing is just interesting to me, but could I write a good bio IA on that?
  9. Each school has different deadlines for each assignment, but I was just wondering what the official IBO deadline is. When are IB Theatre assignments due to the IBO?
  10. Nope.. but I do want a dog. Are you allergic or anything?/ What are you allergic of?
  11. Only recently have I started. And I'm so glad he's in my life now. Next poster loves to sing.
  12. Math IA's.. the descriptors are so freaking vague. And seriously, doing Math like how the IB forces us to... it's tough. Math IA's are like writing Math essay papers. Seriously uncool.
  13. Is this really your blog? It's so helpful!! It must have taken forever to make! I'm very pleased to hear it's helpful. It took a good chunk of the summer to create . If you have any suggestions for new content please let me know. I won't be able to make huge updates until the summer since I have exams and uni stuff. What you have already is more than enough. Way better than what John Crane did with the book. Seriously, thank you (: it's so useful because the ideas are organized so clearly. It's really cool knowing you. Well, "knowing" you haha.
  14. Is this really your blog? It's so helpful!! It must have taken forever to make!
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