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  1. Sorry if I'm repeating an idea, I haven't really read every single post. But, I can't exactly remember how I discovered the site. I must have been googling "IB help" or something and it happened to pop up. Well, before that I had only known about TSR, but this was much better! As of now, not many people may recognize what we actually do or go through to get a diploma, THE IB diploma. We're a special group of people, and being able to talk to so many people from so many places going through the same thing is wonderful. The shared global outlook and that IB learner profile we've subconsciously
  2. Hey, that was a nice post... I'm finishing tomorrow, and the truth is, I'm scared as hell too! I think about how much time I spent complaining, how much time I wasted doing unnecessary things, and how much effort I put into worthless en devours. I think about how much better I could have done, and how I would be less worried if I did certain things differently. But honestly, I don't regret any of the things I did. I learned so much about the world, the people around me, the people close to me. I figured out who of those were people I could count on. I figured who of those people I had always
  3. For my physics exam, I did Option E (Astrophysics) and Option G (EM Waves)... My last IB exam is tomorrow: B&M Paper 2... Guess what I'm studying now... Yep, you're right! I'm reading Particle Physics.. And I finished reading through Relativity the weekend after my Physics paper 3!
  4. I'll just sleep for about an hour, before the exam!
  5. Hey, each of the Section A questions for you are 15 marks. Section B is worth 20 marks. Section B will include a more analysis-based response. Time, that really depends on you. Maybe 5 mins reading and planning time, and then 20 mins for each question in Section A and 30 mins for section B. Good luck!
  6. I am not saying that PRP is unethical however in this case, since it is not directly linked to the objective of the business i.e. the performance is not measured by the success of the objectives but it is measured by a different factor which in this case is revenue. We can argue that this is the reason that all of Neil's ideas seem to be money related and none of them seem to directly or immediately complement the objective of the business which is to help children with autism. We can argue that eventually, Neils options and ideas will lead to RO helping autistic children but then again is it
  7. reach out has no or negligible competition From Wikipedia: "While they are able to earn a profit, more accurately called a surplus, such earnings must be retained by the organization for its self-preservation, expansion and future plans. Earnings may not benefit individuals or stake-holders. While some nonprofit organizations put substantial funds into hiring and rewarding their internal corporate leadership, middle-management personnel and workers, others employ unpaid volunteers and even executives may work for no compensation. However, since the late 1980s there has been a growing consens
  8. Here is a quote for you from Wikipedia: "First, a founder's passion and charisma, initially essential to the successful establishment of an organization, becomes a limiting rather than a creative and productive force. As an organization matures, professionally-trained and talented people are normally engaged and the board is expanded. The founder's domination of the decision making process may frustrate effective and inclusive group decision making." I will continue my previous discussion(s) in a few minutes.
  9. Many people seem to be making that mistake! A PRP is not unethical for a Non-profit, it's actually very useful. This is all a result of the increased competition in the world economy. For a non-profit organization to be successful in today's time, they must behave in the same manner as private sector organisations. This is not only true for non-profits, but also for public sector businesses (of course all of you know this as privatization and re-nationalization) 1sippah, you're in Kenya? Hmmm... I'm finishing exams on friday, after Business P2... If you are too, you might run into me at Gypsie
  10. I agree with what you have said but that would mean that we could also classify Laura as having adopted role culture because as she may seem nice, she really gives an approach as an autocratic leader the way she does not implement that she does not feel is right which when coupled with her intuitive decision making makes her a very risky leader i.e. in some cases her decisions could be greatly beneficial to the business however they pose an equal amount of risk and could also cause great losses.when it comes to person culture, there is no point where 'I' can see Neil adopting a person culture
  11. Hey! Well for Business and Management, there's no such thing as a 'point system'... There are usually what are called bands... Let's say there's a 10 mark question, there will be some criteria to get a mark between 8 and 10. If your answer doesn't fall into this band, you didn't meet some aspect of the criteria, and you fall into the next band. Basically, your answers must be well structured ideas organized coherently into paragraphs, NOT point after point. This is not limited to writing a list of points. Sometimes students organize their answers into paragraphs but with little or no cohesion
  12. Hey guys! I don't know about you but after some analysis of the Case Study, I was beginning to think Laura was quite annoying! But, you guys should check out this video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDMMwG7RrFQ It will give you some new insight into the whole case study. As Leadership and Management seems to be a big issue, I thought I'd give my opinion. I wouldn't exactly classify Nick as Autocratic. His issue with Andrew came about because Laura was on holiday and he was the only one to investigate. And well, pay attention to "After a lengthy argument, Neil was left with no option but
  13. I feel like I made so many stupid mistakes! It makes me sick! I hope I'll be okay
  14. Can't complain! The first question was time consuming, though. Keeping within the boxes was just pointless and annoying, I think! Well, so far, the only paper that I feel that actually went good!
  15. Hahaha! Yes, yes I had to cheat with the negative signs too! I figured out that the next part, or the one where you had to prove the integral, it was a geometric series! I didn't have time to do it though. Honestly, the integral in 3 just messed with my head, and I eventually gave up. I knew it was possible to factorize the RHS before actually rearranging the equation, but I was so not bothered! I also made silly mistakes in the Maclurin series, so I had to repeat it too! But.. Overall, not a fair paper! Hoping for a 6 maximum!
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