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  1. Okay, yes I understand. You're right, the question I should now ask is: How do I prepare well for an SL Chemistry exam? (:
  2. Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, Vampire Diaries, Misfits, Skins UK, Pretty Little Liars, Doctor Who! (:
  3. For anyone who's already written the SL Chemistry exam paper, or even a mock exam...what did you think? Is it difficult or alright?
  4. Wait so even if your project is complete and utter crap, you can get 6's if you collaborate well and have good personal skills, etc?
  5. There isn't really a number of "recommended hours", it varies from student to student. I spend about...all day on my homework...but that's because I take short breaks and get distracted a lot..
  6. Banned for....for...being a supervisor.
  7. I think as humans, we are hardwired to look for scientific proof for everything. I was born into a moderately religious family, but yet with strong enough beliefs that they would probably look down on me if I said I didn't believe in God. Lately, however, I have been questioning everything I hear, in every religious gathering I've been to, discussions, etc. I do have belief in a God or some sort of divine force because I find that the universe is too...spectacular to have been created on its own - but that's just me. That's really as far as my religious beliefs go at the moment. I hate how rel
  8. Not for reminding me I have to work I don't want to
  9. No, but I can tell you where I found a link for CS3 http://ourscarletletter.tumblr.com/post/2412785182/free-photoshop NP will know the secret to life.
  10. I'm not personally taking IB Physics (although I wish I was), but I am taking HL Biology. I have to say, that even at the HL level, it isn't too hard of a course. It requires a lot of memorizing of terms, etc, and is completely achievable. HL Physics on the other hand (from what I hear) is much, much, much tougher, and a lot of it goes into theory. I find it all very interesting, but don't think I'd be able to handle it. Like the people above me have said, if you're considering engineering, Physics would be a better choice. If you're considering more of a medical career, Biology is a good choi
  11. I love the hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins
  12. I'm not sure if there's already a topic for this or anything, I'm still new. Has anyone by chance gone into Waterloo Engineering after doing IB? If so, what IB courses did you take? I know HL Physics is recommended...but my school doesn't offer HL Physics, and there was a chance the SL Physics would be cancelled, so I didn't risk it...would this ruin any chances of me getting in? Edit** I should probably move this to specifically the "USA and Canada" section, as I realize now, but I don't know how..
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