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  1. Waterloo is definitely the place to go, if u wanna study in CA. The UK uni list u have shown is not even famous for applied science, you should consider unis like oxbridge, imperial college, warwick, nottingham. I dare say, your IB subjects are not going to help you get into gd computer science courses. You will need HL maths or any other equivalent maths open exams.
  2. 如果你是长驻新西兰的学生,你的中文真是很棒 中文的确是比英文难,继续努力啊!
  3. Make sure you read the IBO extended essay critirea carefully, especially the ones for Bio EE. The case of your mate is quite true. My classmate did a statistical Bio EE at a very high standard, and he is about to get it published on a medical journal. But this EE earned him a B at the end, probably because he did no lab work.
  4. you should watch Zohan too they are too religious and stubborn
  5. Anybody took a Cambridge or Oxford Interview before?? Please share your experience with me, especially those who applied for Physics or Engineering!!! I know it will be a good experience, but I do not want to waste it. I am so nervous now!!!
  6. natural science will be a good AOK to investigate scientists used to propose new laws based on deductive logic but modern scientists tend to use a process called falsification perhaps you guys can compare these two approaches hope this will help a bit, maybe I am wrong, cos i read about this last year
  7. Anybody find part B questions weird??
  8. your topic is too broad, narrow it down or else it will be not likely for you to get a full mark for the research question section
  9. Maths SL is definitely not sufficient enough to get yourself into Economics courses in the top UK Unis, even if you manage to get a 7 I am so sure about this
  10. if you paid alot of attention during classes, you can try reading through markschemes whenever you see operations questions associated with graphs and maths, stop and do them you will benefit from this way very much within a day i tried this way for my mock, i rocked in paper 2
  11. If your school is not going to allow you to take non-reg diploma, you can choose to do an A-Level Science externally. I think your school will asist you all the way, since it teachs A-level.
  12. I bought myself the ibid B&M textbook written by Paul Hoang for my 2002 syllabus revision though it has some new modules, but it covers almost all old stuff i would say it is even better than the Business Studies 3rd Edition
  13. examiners are looking for statistically significant data in your statistical analysis Excel and GDC are sometimes not advanced enough to produce promising statistics if you are looking for correlations between variables, it is better for you to use statisical analysis software (eg. SPSS), and there are many more functions!!
  14. I used to hv 6-7 hours of sleep for my 1st year, but now its around 4-5 hours per night....
  15. if ur planning to talk about Bohr's model and energy levels, it can be a mathematical Physics EE , i think Theres no way it can form a Chemistry topic
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