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  1. I did the exact same course, and I absolutely hated it. Honestly, it's going to be a lot of work. I personally wasn't really motivated enough to keep at it, and that really dropped my grades in that class. I would really recommend getting a tutor. That being said, if you have good study habits, then you'll be fine. Try and keep on top of the work and you should be okay. I ended up with a 6 in the course because the final exam was ridiculously easy. I'd also recommend using something like duolingo to learn more Spanish and more vocab. As with any language, just try and immerse yourself in the
  2. You certainly can do this, and we have several threads around the forum for exactly this purpose. For example - see http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/16830-mathematics-hlslstudies-help/ The only thing we don't want is people cheating on current IAs or current exams, as it's against the IBO's policies. If you need help on anything else, that's what we're here for.
  3. 40 Maths HL - 6 Physics HL - 7 Chemistry HL - 6 Econs HL - 6 Spanish Ab Initio SL - 6 English SL - 6 ToK - A EE (Econs) - A Kinda annoyed that I didn't get 7s in Maths/Chem/Econs, but eh, I got my uni credits
  4. Not bothered at all. Basically, as long as I don't fail (pretty unlikely), I'm going to Georgia Tech. So come at me IB Results
  5. How did everyone find it? I thought texts B, C, D were seriously easy, but text A wasn't.
  6. No, you were supposed to work out whether or not the repulsive force would overcome the particles initial velocity.
  7. I got the resistance question, didn't get the show whether the charged particle collides with the sphere. I picked B1 and B4, they weren't too bad at all.
  8. I have the Maths HL, Chem, Physics ones and they are super useful, especially right before my exams.
  9. Upload away, just make sure you indicate that it's in French in the title.
  10. You should mention what option you're doing I'm assuming Sets based of Lagrange. The paper was crazy easy except for the last question. The only bit I got from the last question was proving that it was a cyclic group. The first question was an absolute gift!
  11. Humans have tanks and guns and a whole variety of weapons. Animals have claws and numbers. I still think we'd win.
  12. Nope, pretty sure it's 90. Draw a diagram, but it's basically 180-90-angle = 90-angle.
  13. Ouch really? I thought it was one of the easiest questions on the exam. Still, it wasn't worth much at all, so you're all good.
  14. I found this paper to be way easier than P1. I got every question except for the two integration questions which I completely blanked on
  15. I did pretty much the same kanki, though I missed a few points which I realised later. Things like the train leaving could be symbolic, and that he gradually gets more crazy as the passage keeps going.
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