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  1. cos2x = 1 - 2sin2x cos(2x) + 5sinx=0 1 - 2sin2x + 5sinx=0 let u = sinx 2u2 - 5u - 1 = 0 FInd the two roots, u, then solve for x in sinx=u
  2. Let the proposition P(n) be true when 8n≥n3. For n=1, 81≥13, therefore P(1) is true. If P(n) is true for some n≥1, i.e. 8n≥n3 (Hypothesis) Then 8n+1 = 8*8n ≥ 8*n3 (by hypothesis) ≥ (2n)3 ≥ (n+1)3 Then P(n+1) is true. Since we know that P(1) is true, then by Principle of Mathematical Induction, P(n) is true for all n≥1. Things to note: -It is important to show where you used the hypothesis to reach the conclusion P(n+1) is true. -I assumed "true for some n≥1" but concluded "true for all n≥1".
  3. I think its pretty straight forward. I assume you have calculated the probablity of the either the bank/player(s) winning. You can determine the cost/payout simply by choosing how much money you wish to circulate. From how I define of "fair", the costs and payout should be set so that if both the bank and the player(s) start off with $1000, after 200 tries of the game they will still have roughly that amount. So create such a situation. Well pick a number for the cost, I choose $25. Say the probability of the bank winning is 0.25 and the probability of the player winning is 0.75 . The payout s
  4. If people want to understand the roots of homosexuality, it's fine. It is when they start looking for a cure that it seems like wasting time. Another example: I would like to read a study on the causes of right/left-handedness, but if scientists start looking for a cure for left-handedness, I wouldn't care for it. I hope you get what I mean.
  5. Treating homosexuality as a disorder is a bit extreme. What next? Will they start treating celibates and people who don't want to have children? Even if it were a disorder, I wouldn't support any research to find a cure for it because it's simply waste of resources. There are worse diseases out there that need the time and attention. Haha, why not? Odd question. Edit: Post #132 on the 13th
  6. For those against how women are represented in "mainstream porn" (lol), you should check out homemade porn.
  7. Do what you think you should do, no one's forcing you to do anything. Some people, me included, just don't find cheating as such a terrible crime. I have yet to see anyone's life terribly change because of a cheater, so I couldn't care less how they intend to do their exams. I'm not going to make someone's life a living hell because of hypothetical situations.
  8. The way I see it, say you fail to achieve the final score and you're screwed, but this is already too late for the student who wasn't picked because of you. By now, s/he has already decided to look elsewhere and the University isn't saying, "Let's go back for the other kid we left." Cheating in the normal exams did in fact lead to a significant change in someone else's choices. Now what if the cheater does finally learn, and doesn't cheat on his final exam. Probably get slightly less in the final, but still acceptable. Will that change the fact that it was still unfair for the other student? I
  9. Telling on someone who cheats is like shooting a person for playing Russian Roulette. Similarly, cheating because other people are cheating is like playing Russian Roulette because every one else is, lol.
  10. Here's a fix if the admins can edit the scripts. This is right after the code for the fast-reply form. I edited only three lines and added one new line. <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ var newly_loaded = ( $('fast-reply_textarea').value == '' ); //New line if( $('fast-reply_textarea') ){ $('fast-reply_textarea').addClassName('unloaded_editor').setStyle('height: 70px'); if( newly_loaded ) //First edit $('fast-reply_textarea').value = "Tip: click inside this box to load the editor"; } if( $('fast-reply_toolbar_1') ){ $('fast-reply_toolbar_1').hide(); } if(
  11. For moderation, only the best two IAs for each criteria are needed. So if you have two IAs that assess all three criteria (for us, most IAs assessed only two e.g DCP & CE) and you do them perfectly, then that's all you ever need to do. However, IB requires you to do something like 40hrs in the Lab, and since our experiments always had 2hrs and our teacher requested IAs for all, that translated to approx. 20 IAs required by our teacher, not IB. I know nothing about Group 4 Project assessment. I just did what we were asked as to do, lol.
  12. What you're proposing will require lots of bandwidth and extra database. The problem is with the fast reply. When I use it and click back everything is lost, but using the full editor doesn't lose anything.
  13. Watch American History X and you'll probably understand racism a lot better. Given the right conditions (or manipulations?) and even you can turn into a racist.
  14. I think it's very hypocritical to tell on someone on one occasion and not tell in another. If you're going to tell on someone, then it shouldn't matter whether or not it's an official exam. Your predicted grades aren't based on the official grades; did you know that they can be the difference between one person being picked over another? So why not tell on people in normal exams too? Telling on others is simply a matter of principles; principles shouldn't have compromises.
  15. For small amplitude of swings, the formula for period (T) is L = length of string/pendulum g = gravity If I changed the mass, would it affect the formula?
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