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  1. Would it be possible to write an essay about the housing market in a region since it is not technically related to the curriculum. If so, would "Discuss the financial and social implications of new home buyers in the tight and expensive housing market in Canberra, Australia" be good enough for a topic. If not, how can I refine this to make it more acceptable. Thanks. If you have any other similar suggestions, I would like to hear about it.
  2. I was thinking on doing my TOK presentation of conspiracy theories, but mainly focus on 9/11. How can I apply this to TOK, and has anyone seen or done a presentation on this topic. Is it too overused, or should I go for another topic. I was also thinking on the morality of US bombing Serbia and Libya. How should I approach this? Thanks.
  3. How do you delete your own topics you have posted or can you's do it for me? Thanks
  4. I'm just curious on what grade and score you got or are hoping to get for Math HL. Also, what was your average tests results and how much time you spend studying on math per week?
  5. Ok, so I have the exact same question....lol But how would you show that cos x + cos 3x + cos 5x +...+ cos (2n-1)x = sin 2nx/2 sin x when n=2 and n=3? I would really appreciate your help!!!
  6. Just take a look at this! Just take a look at this!
  7. Ok, so I have a math test tomorrow, and I do not understand induction at all. Its seems easy to understand, but once I attempt the questions, I fail miserably. Can someone give a detailed step by step view on: a) Sums of series b) Divisibility c) Inequalities I only need help on the n=k+1 bit, Also does anyone have any helpful websites explaining them???
  8. Recently, I got 45 percent in my first math test for math HL, and I'm just wondering if I keep getting around the 50-60 percentage area, will I get at least a 3 for the subject. I am worrying a lot about failing Math HL and then not getting the IB Diploma. Also, does the grade (1-7) depend on discussion in class, because I never get involved, or is it just IA and EA's.
  9. I'm starting IB next year and thought of planning for the EE eariler. These are the two topics I had in mind. 1. What are the causes of a Global Recession and how does this impact individuals, businesses and governments. 2. How did the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and the conflict between Serbia and the Austria-Hungary Empire lead to WW1. I know these questions aren't as sophisticated as others, so what do you think of these topics and how can I improve them?
  10. How can I prepare myself for IB next year so I have some idea what to expect and to get ahead. I have already looked at the syllabus and thought about essay topics. What are some other ideas? My subjects are: Math HL Economics HL History HL Environmental Systems SL English A1 SL Spanish A2 Ab Initio.
  11. Hey, I'm doing the exact same thing next year and I don't know how I'll manage with all the homework and assignments. The good thing is that if you don't go well or fail the IB, you can still have a shot at the AST or Year 12 Certificate. Good luck though.
  12. Hi, I'm starting the IB Diploma next year and i'm wondering how many exams and assessments/assignments do you get. Also, what are the end of year exams like?
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