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  1. oh wow. and nope im normal age for my grade. however we have a lot of students who will be 16 when they sit exams, and even one kid in my grade will be 15
  2. grave digging the topic muchhh but anyways, i should be getting ready for school, which is in an hour, and not lying in my bed on ibsurvival
  3. Read the criteria. Don't do what i did and spend too much time on stuff that won't get you marks. Write what they want you to write.
  4. My school was meant to be a pilot school for the course, they advertised it etc and it was the reason why i moved schools But now they aren't doing it. What is it like? Do you like it?
  5. Well i don't do Economics, but for me business is a breaze and i am easily achieving 7's with zero study. If you have an open mind and are good at ellaborating and pretty much just bull****ting then business is great
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