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  1. Well now we know that IB loves to give stress to people
  2. Well...in my school we only need to do one project for each thing. But the first year we can only do 100 h of cas, the next year IB2 the last year u have to finish it... I think thats stupid of what my school wants
  3. haha Baby ally Whatever is the best one!! So cute and funny! Whatever!
  4. haha thats my draem!! To burn down the math book!!! Nice!!
  5. JA, lär mig lite finska!!! Jag vill åka till Finland under sommarn så bra att veta! Hur säger man Hej! Jag heter... vad heter du?
  6. I wanted to have mandarin/ chinese as a subject but the school are to lazy and its hard to find a good teacher!! But I go to private Chinese school in stockhol to learn chinese! Well I speack chinese at home but I want to be better
  7. Ser man på ser man på!! Det finns svenska trådar här!!! Nice nice!!
  8. I know how that feels... but when i worked for my volunteer job they think im good so they offered me a job ^^ But...I dont have time for it so i said no!! I should actually get pretty good damn paid but well I will ask about that job after IB! Maybe volunteer job will lead u any jobs ^^
  9. IB spirit!! wow u guys really have it! We also have a mail account there we share oure stuff together but not much ;p
  10. hahaha such a nice movie!!! IB go go go!!
  11. Oki I think i get it now, I will practics it and tell ya if I can do it in time ^^
  12. chill man! u have one more year!! Watch spanish movies!! It helped me a lot during 8th grade! I could speak fluent spanish after 5 months but now I forgot everything since I never use it and I dont have spanish~
  13. haha yeah! a friend of mine dream that she went to do her Econ exam...but somehow she wrote about psychology and when she only have 5 min left she saw it. She suffer form these kinds of nightmares...feels so sorry about it...im happy i just have the crying IB stress ^^
  14. in the begining my class from PreIb we was 30+ people now we are only 20 left and wonder how many can have the diploma..
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