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  1. Hey guys, I did see a few links of Economics EE sample papers in the forum, but they are all invalid... So please if you know some links, please post it here. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I have to make my decision by tomorrow and I was wondering which subject is easier to get a level 7. The past record in my school was 2/43 for B&M that got 7 for HL, and 1/14 for Econ that got 7 for HL. I need your opinions ASAP! Thanks!!
  3. Hi guys, I'm starting my Diploma program in the Fall and I've decided to study law. My current HL levels are: B&M HL Econ HL Math HL Standard Levels: Chinese SL English SL Biology SL I'm aiming for a 7,7,6 for my IB HL scores, even though it is quite impossible. But I did get an average of 90%+ for my sophomore year. I was wondering if I should take English HL, because I've been hearing from my peers that I have to take English HL for law, and to be honest I am not all that great with literary analysis. I am adequate in finding themes and symbols... Anyone have any suggestions/ideas of wha
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