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  1. sak-y


    Welll to get the best marks in History, the mark scheme asks for some sort of Historiography. I just wanted to know how you guys do it?! I've heard two conflicting views. One teacher has said to say for example, AJP Taylor's view on Hitler was that...etc. The other has said you need to be like, Some historians say...but other historians believe....etc. How do you guys do it?
  2. eeeeek I'm getting desperatee noww! We spent so long doing a million texts for our orals in Year 12, of which we could only choose one anyway, and now we've ended up rushing through our texts for our EXAMS anywayyy is anyone doing 1984 and/or The Handmaid's Tale and got some good notes that i could use? I've tried to do some on my own, but English isn't my strongest point so i want to make sure I'm not missing anything out. What i particularly have problems with is comparing two texts which is vital for the exam:( so if anyone has comparison notes as
  3. For all you May 2008 candidates who have done your portfolios...what marks did you get? were you even told what you got? Kind of want to compare my classes marks to others to be honest, because our economics class has been a shambles from day 1. It's the first year our school did it, teachers have been coming and going, they don't really know what they're doing etc.
  4. ohh you found it off the internet?! ahh thankyou for going to the trouble! You must be a genius because I couldn't find anything on the internet! Thanks again!
  5. ahh wow! you are suchh a star! THANK YOU! It says that's the lite version, does that not mean anything, or is there like a 'heavy'/more complex version?
  6. With definitions being so crucial in economics, does anyone have a list of all the definitions that we need to know? I don't mean the actual definitions [although that would be great too ], I mean a list of all the terms that we should know the definitions for. I'm SL by the way if it makes much difference. Thank youu for any help!
  7. I'm not sure about Austrailian Universities, but generally i think universities still require you to hit the minimum entry requirement that they want? How many points do they need you to have? I think EC's work more as something to differentiate between candidates who have the same grades etc. Do you do personal statements in Austrailia? If so, make sure it's reallyy good to make up for your grades and help you stand out! Good luckk!
  8. sak-y

    Question about UK unis

    I don't think anyone here really know what a Diploma of Languages is! I certainly don't! Are you planning on doing it at the uni that you'll be doing you nursing degree at? if so, contact the uni and just ask! I'm sure they'd be happy to help!
  9. DEFINITELY DO MATHS STUDIES! For law, the aim is to get the highest number of points possible and maths studies is an easy 7 if you put enough effort into it. I have applied for Law this year and so have my friends and we're all doing maths studies! Among us, we've got offers from LSE, KCL and Warwick, easily within the Top 5 unis in Britain! Don't worry about it, definitely do studies!
  10. ohmygod! The IB is hard enough without being forced to do certain subjects! I thought my school was bad, but at least we don't get forced to do things! eeeek. Although, i find if you're bad at english, you're bad at both SL and HL and if you're good, then you're good at both so i guess it's not TOO bad!
  11. I haven't done any of the texts you're doing but just thought I'd show you this site! It's really good to get you going! http://www.ibyears.blissful.nu/archives/ib...tary-resources/
  12. ooo we did a whole project on this! There's LOADS you can talk about seeing as it's only really 3 mins you're talking for! What i would do is in my introduction i would list a few french speaking countries. Then i would choose a specific country and say why you chose it and then go on to talk about its political state, maybe its economy and how it still has links with France. A lot of french speaking countries also have another language that is spoken commonly alongside French, so you could speak about that too! Its more about showing off your French really, make sure you have a few tenses in
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