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  1. First you send your predicted grades and all other documents they may want and then you're either conditionally accepted or not. Conditionally accepted in the Netherlands just means you need to get the qualification you applied with (so the IB diploma), with no grade requirements.
  2. So does anyone here have the 2012 grade boundaries? Because honestly if I have to talk to my coordinator again I'll just snap (he probably has no idea what grade boundaries are anyways). I found the ones that are on TSR but those don't even cover half of my subjects.
  3. I dunno, wouldn't having 2 A languages at HL, which are almost the same courses just in a different language, seem kinda redundant?
  4. Hi, for SRAS there's just one aggregate supply curve, which is pretty much the same shape as a regular supply curve. In the long run, you're probably gonna have to describe both ways aggregate supply can work (and I'm guessing that the question will most likely specify what it wants). SRAS can shift to left or right depending on the changes of the costs in the economy that the suppliers will face and LRAS can also shift to both left or right depending on the potential output of the economy, so as Production Possibility Curve (PPC) increases it's potential, the LRAS will increase.
  5. Surprisingly there's no topic on English yet. So did you choose the poem or prose? How did you find it?
  6. Yeah I don't think it was too wise for the IB to put both Chem papers on the same day... I also have two different papers right before the two chem papers.
  7. I wrote 6 sides on Paper 1 and 5 sides on Paper 2 and I scored 6 and low 7 respectively in HL (and our teacher is also an examiner). So I think you're good with what you have in SL (as you do have half an hour less). Just focus more on the quality, if writing lots of content is not your thing and still score really well.
  8. I didn't find calculus difficult at all. Vectors, on the other hand, hurt my brain.
  9. Our school has no idea about how IB works AT ALL, including the internal assessments.....
  10. I understand my it's my responsibility and I did fulfill my responsibility and asked my classmate today (an hour ago) what they did in school. It is however too late to revise for the IOC and I feel like I'm significantly disadvantaged compared to my classmates who had the entire weekend. I had other things do during the weekend but I would've cancelled my plans to study for my IOC if I knew.
  11. ok so I'm in a very small language class and the teacher told the other students that we're doing IOC when I wasn't in school that day. No one informed me until today (evening) that it's actually tomorrow. So I'm supposed to take the exam tomorrow without being previously informed about it? What can I do? The teacher is horrible and completely useless, plus she's impossible to talk with and extremely irrational. Is there anything I can do?
  12. Please if you have nothing to say, just don't say anything... I started this thread because i wanted to know if anyone here also applied there or if anyone has any "first hand" knowledge, opinions, etc., not because I'm unable to type things into google -____-
  13. Hi, is anyone here applying or planing to apply to Maastricht University, or does anyone have any experience, info, etc? Thank you
  14. Yeah just pulled one recently for my math portfolio. It was especially nasty since I didn't sleep much the whole week (4-5 hours) so then I was like a complete zombie. By morning (when I was all finished), I felt like I don't even care about my assignments, I just wanted to sleep. Coffee made me feel better though.
  15. I found piracetam (usually available without prescribtion) pretty helpful, it improves your cognitive abilities and really improves your memory, so if you keep taking it every day, you may have much easier time remembering things you study. Also I find that taking a couple of pills before writing an English commentary is pretty helpful too, it makes you think faster and you'll come up with better ideas. The only side effects I notice is that it can make me sleepy if I take over 4.8 grams and it can cause alcohol to have a much stronger effect.
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