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  1. I remember doing a similar IA before. Varying distances is the best way to go, and use the same bulbs for every trial Measure the height of the plants? wth, that would be pretty inconvenient. Look back at the factors that affect your rate of photosynthesis, and what makes photosynthesis "measurable". tbh, your over-complicating things. Make it as simple as possible. Idk what your teacher told you, but check with your friends, or PM me for more suggestions.
  2. ooh, I've been looking everywhere for IB students who got into Upenn. umm, what was your friend's ib predicted scores?/recieved scores? are you guys doing diplomma btw?
  3. ITGS is bs lol. Chemistry will definitely help and definitely open more doors for you too. I'm pretty sure you cant do anything important with ITGS. Moreover, you might find biopsychology more interesting than cog sci, so its good if you take chemistry. Then again, thats just my opinion. Hope it helped
  4. And I know a guy who got into Harvard... who lied on his application. Quite stupid of him to announce to the world what he did though What were his rough grades Irene? Was he considered top 10 in your IB class of students? I'm sure he might've exaggerated a few things but didnt lie about everything...
  5. Can anyone give me any feed back about these kinda schools? I'm becoming a senior in Canada, and I'm afraid about what I want to do in post-secondary. If anyone knows any friends or heard about how those courses are can you tell me how rigrous the course load is? In terms of is it manageable and how it compares to IB. Thanks in advance. p.s below is the course outline for First Year students out of high school. http://www.rcsi.ie/index.jsp?1nID=93&2nID=94&3nID=108&pID=209&nID=401
  6. I know the biology one is pretty good. Hows the chem one HL? thanks guys
  7. Would the following skills that are being learned be considered as action or creativity? The the Standard First Aid and Emergency First Aid courses include five core lessons (four hours). 1. Emergency Scene Management 2. Shock, Unconsciousness and Fainting 3. Choking (Adult) 4. Cardiovascular Emergencies and One-Rescuer CPR (Adult casualty) 5. Severe Bleeding -I am learning new skills -There is a physical component Could it be counted as both? Thanks for your help guys.
  8. Title explains it. Just completed year 1 ib. Activities that I will do over the summer are: 1)Cas stuff 2) Extended Essay 3) World Lit Papers (atleast 1) 4) try to read hamlet? and other A1 texts what other useful things can i do in terms of my 6 courses. english HL bio/chem HL french SL and tok lol
  9. bescherelle


    http://www.ibsurvival.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4492 click psychology
  10. Hey guys. Anyone know any good verbal protocol studies in the cognitive perspective? Deus I've looked around, but it seems like these are things university libraries would have and not the internet lmao. Any big studies? Thanks in advance
  11. kay everyone should chill out and answer the guy's question. Maurice Ravel, find out if your grade 9/10/11 grades from Canada or w/e will be included in ur GPA if you do decide to go to an american high school next yr. or if u start clean? lol i doubt u do but yeah find that out. if u dont start clean, and u dont have the best grades then idk, i think i'd stay here. if u have pretty good grades then u should consider it. but again, its gonna be a lot of $$$ + ur moving away from ur family and stuff and just think twice about those things as well. hope this helped. p.s what are u plannin on g
  12. ^lol dry. what are u goin into? if ur goin into meds or w/e. the health sci program at mcmaster is pretty good. the school's **** but like the program is pretty good in comparison to other pre-meds around the world.
  13. wtf 3000? wait US population= 300 million canadian population= 30 million sooo im assuming there are 300 universities/colleges in canada? lol american schools produce more smarter kids, but obviously with a greater population, theres gonna be smarter ppl. but daym
  14. URM is under repersented minorities right? like what things qualify for this? and like why do they really take this into consideration? lol canadian universities dont give a crap about anything besides ur grades. no wonder our country isnt as good as the US
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