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  1. 1980 on 4 hours sleep due to track meet :/ 2280 is my highest practice test score though, so 5 more months to get up to 2350+ for amherst. Yay yay..
  2. Fixed: [img=http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk300/johnbrandt13/SummerGlau1.png]
  3. Hopefully this works! If you need anything changed feel free to ask! I did use a stock image of a wave btw. I tried to keep as much of it as I could [img=http://i283.photobucket.com/albums/kk300/johnbrandt13/emyski.png]
  4. Hello, my name is John. IB1 is over finally and I want to get back into GFX. I'm gfx designer on a lot of other forums, so I figured I'd bring my work over to IBsurvival. I really enjoy GFX so I'm offering to make signatures for anybody who wants them. Currently working on: none Done:Emyski Summer Glau The format for requesting is as follows: Size (px) 400x120 is a normal sized sig. If you want another size, specify Color scheme - self explanatory Render/stock/c4d you want used-I have like 40gb of this stuff, so I probably have what you need but http://planetrenders.net/ has a ton. T
  5. Personally A life of pi by yan martel really stuck with me! the ending totally caught me off guard and really made me think. Of course 1984 and catcher in the rye are really memorable as well
  6. Which is weird, considering that New Zealand speaks English as well as the United States, and many other countries, and yet they are completely different areas of the world. IB
  7. Wow my teacher said I could use a nonWL book as long as I juxtapose it with a WL book. Wrote 500 words, now i realize I can't do this. **** my ignorant teacher
  8. Ugh, my teacher isn't even qualified to teach IB English :/ she's a history teacher. If that's the case, then IB is rather misguided with their ideas. I could use lord of the flies just because it was written in europe when it symbolizes our culture and yet I can't use Raisin in the Sun which portrays the culture of a different race some 2 thousand miles away and 60 years ago just because it's written in my country. Thankfully I'm dropping IB!
  9. Oh god no don't mention anything correlated to TOK Okay that's good! I really don't want to have to write about Kitchen or a thousand cranes, those novels were horrible!
  10. Nearly all the books we read for English HL. Kitchen by Yoshimoto was really bad. Basically her grandma dies and so she goes and describes kitchens for a hundred pages and then a teenage naivety relationship occurs. And a thousand cranes by Kawabata was boring too! it's about 20 year old guys have affairs with 50 year old women who commit suicide and who used to have affairs with his father. Ugh IB
  11. Yes, we did read grapes of wrath in class. My problem is that my teacher doesn't really know how to teach IB english and isn't helping us with the guidelines. All the books we read are on IB's world lit list. We've covered Grapes of Wrath, Frederick Douglass, A Doll's House, Raisin in the Sun, Kitchen, A Thousand Cranes, and Exiles at home. my question is simply if I can use a book from my own culture and compare it to a different culture, ie Steinbeck vs. Henrik Ibsen. I know IB is all 'oh we want you to become culturally aware' so I don't know if both the works compared have to be from a dif
  12. For the WL1 paper, when comparing two works, do the two works have to be from different world areas than your own? For instance- I live in the United States. Can I use Steinbeck's Grapes of wrath? It's listed on IB's "world literature list" so I should be able to use it yes? I want to compare womens roles in society between Grapes of Wrath and A Doll's House.
  13. Eh, ToK teaches you how to think in a way that IB wants, I don't see this helping me be original at all ! May I bow down to you now? This is exactly how I feel. It really is sad. I did really well on the SAT, but a few of the brilliant IB students got much lower. Standardized tests and exams really leave the creative kids out. Yeah, I really like the IB science IA's (investigate some topic in bio/physics) as it lets you be creative. This is what I hear from the few musical students at my school. That they just learn to play pieces, and never improvise. Word.
  14. Exactly, I always find them teaching to the "lowest common denominator" You, sir, are a lucky fellow. Experimenting with labs is why I want to go into biology in the first place. However, I still think that it's wrong to say that education is only the brain in school, and not the body. I guess I've been reading too much Plato though . And it's been proven, Gordon Shaw & Xiaodeng Ling come to mind, that music and math are codependent on the other. sums it up nicely. I think most of our societies are just going all 1984 on us and trying to keep us proleteriates and uneducated. Conspiraci
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