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  1. pretty sure its to the left, because two current carrying wires always attract each other
  2. i got 7 as well, lol I meant that there were a lot of questions where you had to choose between two options ( 50-50 )
  3. for the mechanics question, did you get 26 kN or something for the 4 mark question about total horizontal reisitive force?
  4. paper 1 had a lot of 50-50 questions, but i found parts of it really easy (like that question about the book or something travelling at 20 m/s and how far will it go in 2.5 sec lol) and paper 2 was relatively easy i thought, what mass of deutrium required did everyone get in section a, i got a really small number, i think to the power negative 7
  5. Noble gases don't form ions because they're noble gases ergo the answer was ionic radius. Of course, noble gases have an atomic radius, ( they're atoms ) and since the graph had points missing corresponding to noble gases, the answer had to be ionic radius
  6. i did the stats and probability paper, pretty tough and i spent 2 hours the night before studying type 1 and type 2 errors which didn't come up . For the chi squared question, did everyone get a really big quadratic, and also, for the confidence interval question with the proportions, did you have to use 0.75 as you proportion value or 0.80 as your proportion value
  7. yeh not enough calculus in paper 2 and too much on sequences/series
  8. i got a 7 on the may 2011 paper, but this one was soooo much harder
  9. Couldn't do that bloody boats question, and the vector proofs were sooo hard
  10. school starts at 7 am and finishes at 6 pm. incredibly exhausting, and sometimes the entire day in one subject e.g maths hl
  11. i get smashed every weekend, it helps me to focus in class, especially maths hl
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