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  1. ahh ok thanks!! Could you help with another question. A point charge Q1 = -4.nC is at the origin, and a second point charge Q2 =+6.00 nC is on the x-axis at x=8.0m. Find the electric field(magnitude and direction) at each of the following points on the x-axis a) x=0.2m b) x=-0.2m
  2. 6. The surface temperature of the sun is 5800K and the radius of the sun is 6.96x108m. (i)Assuming the sun is an ideal black body radiator what is the power radiated ? so Area of a sphere is 4pr2 power radiated = Power radiated = eσAT4 for an ideal black body e=1 so I get my area as 6.09 x10^18 and my power as 2.0x10^15 W but answer is 3.91x1026W :/
  3. Thanks makes sense now. @Dranke Glau from the way you are looking at it you would use cos(50). if you use cos you have to use the angle between the roof and the wall (90degrees - 40 degrees). Since sin(40) is the same as cos(50) you end up with the same answer as award winning boss.
  4. a snowball rolls off a barn roof that slopes downwards at an angle of 40 degrees. the edge of the roof is 14m above the ground and the snowball has a speed of 7ms-1 as it rolls off the roof (a) how far from the edge of the barn does the snowball strike the ground if it doesnt strike anything else. cant seem to get the answer which is 6.93m :\
  5. ok guys this is wrong.. You can't ask someone to teach you the whole syllabus. that would defeat the purpose of you having a teacher at school and you even going to school. my advice: 1) READ!!! don't say its hard without an attempt. Physics is not easy but you dont expect to understand without doing a lot of reading. 2) make notes- put what you read into your own words. How else do you expect to remember! 3) review notes- go over the notes several times. Repetition is a must in physics!! 4) not understanding?? refer to another book. Sometimes you may find that one book explains one concept b
  6. had an eyebrow piercing and also an ear piercing a while ago.. But now I have kind of stopped wearing them.. Im not sure why I stopped wearing them. People always asking me that same question but i guess I just got bored of that look.. Anyway have nothing against girls having body piercings. In fact on some girls some piercings kinda looks hot
  7. yes there is (x^2+2x+ 5) a= 1 b = 2 and c = 5 axis of symmetry for a quadratic is -b/2a the axis of symmetry is where a turning point is so for that equation our x value is (-2/2)= -1 substitute x into the equation and we get our y value as 4 so co-ordinates of our turning point are (-1,4) Ateeq I had given you some stuff on that
  8. please state the question as I do not know what book you are referring to
  9. check the PDF that I have posted below. Desy got a different answer for the second one though.. so we need a third person to check who is correct. question.pdf
  10. Alex aren't you meant to find the percentage uncertainty of each value and then add them? e.g Time (s) ± 0.05 1.00 2.00 (0.05/1.00) x 100 = 5% (0.05/2.00) x 100 = 2.5% total percentage uncertainty = 7.5% average time = (1.00 + 2.00)/2 = 1.5 then you find 7.5% of 1.5 and then you get your uncertainty.
  11. In this website is a list of helpful suggestions: http://seniorphysics.com/physics/eei.html Browse through you might get an idea on what you want to work on
  12. Download python and try it out. It will give you a percentage by which you have plagiarized. In addition it shows you where it thinks you have plagiarized. IF they are mostly quotes then try do this. make a new word doc and copy your work on it. In the new copy remove the quotes and bibliography. save it and scan it again. the result that you get will be purely the originality of your work. Im not sure how turnitin works cause our school hasn't registered its students with it. However I think you can do the same thing if you do not want to download python. I'm not sure as to how they check but
  13. No you are not required to evaluate your sources. IBO will consider that you have provided reliable sources. If they want they can check where all your information came from. Hence ensure that you check that all the information is from a reliable source. Its mostly adviceable to use books then websites. However website's can also provided useful information hence if that's the case use them. Do not use blogs or forums by the way. you should only be looking at articles. Furthermore if possible have a diversified list of sources. e.g newspapers, scholars etc. If you are unable to do that then it
  14. Here are a few useful sites: http://www.rcnuwc.org/ibphysics/index.html http://www.physicsrocks.com/IB%20Physics/IB%20Physics%202/ib_physics_2_%28hl%29.htm http://ibphysicsstuff.wikidot.com/ips-home http://www.revision-notes.co.uk/IB/Physics/index.html http://kstruct.com/ib_notes/IB_Physics http://www.saburchill.com/physics/physics.html However I think no website can replace the information and problem solving practice Tsokos provides in his book. Do you not have that book?
  15. I've always had something similar to this. When a friend of mine would ask me how to say a certain word in french i wouldn't be able to remember however when I speak i remember the words unknowingly. At the beginning of IB I was really scared of speaking and really would shiver will speaking, however as time went by I slowly got use to speaking. My advice to you is exposure.. Speaking by yourself is very different from speaking to a crowd. What you should do is try and have as many conversation with friends in spanish. Eventually you will get the hang of it and certainly wont be afraid of it.
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