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  1. Personal Statement for Law (UK)

    My very own personal statement, gave me offers at: UCL, QMUL, Exeter and Newcastle, and also an interview at Oxford, later followed by an offer. I thought it might be useful for some.


  2. 3 labs - level 6

    My friend's biology labs, I have permission to upload them here. She recieved 36/48, giving her level 6.


  3. 3 commentaries - level 7

    My friend's commentaries, I have permission to upload. Received 38/45, which gave her level 7.


  4. EE on George VI

    My friend's EE, I have the permission to upload it. Received a grade B (24/26)


  5. Revision notes (bullet point)

    Bullet point revision notes, done point by point from the syllabus. Only meant for quick revision. Studies only listed. Whole core plus 2 options: Human Relationships and Sports


  6. Polish A: Literature (Written Assignment) - "Jądro Ciemności" Josepha Conrada

    It's my final Written Assignment in Polish A: Literature in May sessions 2013. I received 16/25, which constitued a 5.


  7. May 2013 Topic #2

    Topic #2: Only seeing general patterns can give us knowledge. Only seeing particular examples can give us understanding.” To what extent do you agree with these assertions?
    This essay received a B from the IB (26/40)


  8. Psychology HL - recency effect

    It's an IA based on the Glanzer and Cunitz experiment. I received 24/28 (after moderation, 27 before moderation), which gave me a 7 in my IA.


  9. IA - Al Capone and the St Valentine's Day Massacre

    I don't know what happened with this HI, it was moderated down from 23 to 16. However, this still was a 16, so I'd say it can be useful. The topic was: To what extent is the claim that Al Capone’s outfit was responsible for the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre justified?


  10. The role of Anne Boleyn in the reformation of the church in England

    I received a B for this EE (25/36). The research question is: To what extent can Anne Boleyn be regarded as the key figure in Henry VIII’s Reformation of the Church in England?


  11. Sampling methods

    My notes prepared for a SAQ test on sampling techniques.


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