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  1. banned because i do not know if higher salinity makes it easier for planktonic organisms to float in H2O
  2. banned because my school's messed up my sched 3 yrs out of 4. and th 1 they ddnt mess up was cause i joined ib
  3. haha i agree I am Colombian but my ancestors are from France, England, Spain, and Italy
  4. haha thats funny so far i think im the only one in my class that has not gotten laid. well me and 3 others and thats cause they are as ugly as hell. yea i know i agree but i think its more like peer pressure that is so completely dependent of the people its not generalized guys want to have sex with girls just because we are girls, not because they love us. I see. And girls want to jump guys because they are utterly in love with them: http://www.chitramala.com/news/boy-raped-by-group-of-girls-124338.html Although I am a girl, I totally agree with your point. I think that media not only h
  5. It was a cold winters night when I brought my brother to a shed in Central, Hong Kong. I was drunk
  6. no i dont waste my time with that... np works at the doctor's office
  7. It was a cold winters night when I brought my
  8. yea but they are out of date... i got to go to the doc again. i also used to wear an eye patch... do you swim everyday?
  9. banned because you do not know what you are talking about
  10. banned cause english isnt my native language
  11. depends on what type of math np speaks spanish
  12. Grape gape gap rap raw row crow cow caw cat scat seat heat beat beast yeast yeas year rear near sear smear swear sweat sweet sweep weep wep web wet yet yen yes yews Jews pews peas seas sets bets pets jets nets lets less mess fess fest feast beast yeast least last past part park perk pork work wok wonk conk coak cork cord core bore bare dare ware wore word ward bard yard hard card car cor cot coat boat boar bear beard heard herd herb her herd head had hard card cord cork dork dark dart fart fat fad dad dads pads pats pass piss kiss hiss his sis sir sit bit bits hits sh.its ships skips slips lip
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