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  1. Well ive faced the same problem... and would suggest the Tsokos.. .well its detailed, has a few challenging examples and offers solutions on its website. It'll definitely prepare you for your exams. Giancoli I think has a lot of unnecessary stuff... and is not written specifically for the IB, but its amazing to understand.
  2. Personally. .... I don't think teachers affect your performance at all... Specially in the ib when u have a wide variety of subjects to choose from... and if one takes subjects he is interested in ... u yourself gotta work yourself for it. Yes having a good teacher can be beneficial .. but not to a big margin where it can affect your interest in the subjects!!
  3. hey ... i dont about the uni's you applie to but Waterloo uni in canda gave me a conditional offer for 28 points. Though the offer its easy... i doubt canadian schools just need to know you have got the diploma! Anyways i don;t think the mocks are counted at all... but they do ask for mid year reports... so just hope your mocks don't be included in them!
  4. Jus got an offer and a small scholarship from Waterloo for engineering.... .But on studying the program .. it 5 years long .. compared to 3 in uk and 4 in USA. Any1 could advice me on hows the uni and even answer .... y would i waste a few years if i ended up going here!
  5. Well with all the IA's ... haven't started proper studying for may, only a lil math..... but with IA's getting over i guess I will start Now!
  6. yes... the volume of wasted space to the volume of office space will be the same!
  7. Novana!! Dint u read whatever i said in my last post!! Try using letters instead of numbers.... but do not use rref!! Simply use row operations!! and try getting it in the firm that the top left hand corner is 1 and the bottom equation is 0!! Its basic augmented matrices!!
  8. No ... you are doing nothing wrong..... why don't you take the help of the calculator... there are a lot of calculator softwares.. download one of the, and solve the matrices on the calculator, by printing the screen to show your steps. This also is great way to use technology. While using the calculator solve the augmented matrices and to reduce it to the echelon form use the operation Rref. Its really straightforward and easy!
  9. well .... if you've got the determinant - 0, your half way there. Now take a system of equations like a + (a+p)y+(a+p)z = (a+p) .... do that for 3 system of equations and write them in an augmented matrix form .. .Now using simple row operations thry converting it into echelon form .... you will get it! Hint ... start with making the top left element '1' and the bottom row 0.
  10. well..... mine was ....→y=H((-x^2)/1296+1) .. . and on solving the i got an equation for H= x 'h' .. .where H is the height of the cuboid..... x is a constant !! and h is the height of the curved roof structure .. which will be values between 36-54
  11. Ok.. so now you would have found the equation for height 36 .. now assume instead of 36 a height 'h' ( or any other variable) .. now find an equation in terms of 'h' and integrate the equation to find the area of the curved roof structure!!
  12. HEy ... i ahvnt applied for systems desigign.. but i applied for electrical engineering or mechatronics to Waterloo... hows the university?
  13. YEah... youve got to form a general equation for the height of the cuboid ... when the structure of the roof changes ... take all heights between 36-54 and use excel or even your calculator.. But using excel is reallly helpful and fast and also covers use of technology!!
  14. D ... velocity is not constant as the direction is changing!! Angula momentum is the angle swept by the satellite in a period of time... which is bound to stay the same in space!
  15. Hey, So a fellow Physics EE student pretty cool.. anyways ... you should no... if you do a Physics EE .. it will only be graded on the physics content... but there is no restricting you from doing EE in a subject you dont take .. so if you want you can also do it in biology. About having a reseasrch question.. yes it Definitely should be research oriented.... you get marks in the criterion for carrying out the experiments and collecting the results etc... i dont think you can get a great grade if its theoretical.. so dont take a risk ... think of something you can collect results on. On the
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