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  1. This is a quote from Cleo Magazine in Australia: "I did really like school and I actually just love learning. Maths makes me hot- I love maths! Maths gives me the same feeling as when you write a really good pop song; you get this euphoric feeling that's indescribable. It's really nerdy. People would not know that about me". -Ke$ha Thought that was interesting. And another thing just while I'm posting, thought I should share a really good IB help website I have been using. Seriously good. www.ibhelpme.com
  2. Hey everyone, just thought i'd start a discussion about tips with writing the prac reports... any ideas? so far i have found this really useful video: MASc
  3. Hey im sitting on a 7 in bio at the moment and the ebook from this website really helped me with study tips! i would recommend it to everyone x 10000000. IB Help Me!
  4. great list guys, just thought i'd share something that has been so good so far for handling the ib! IB Help Me without it i would be lost, its seriously amazing.
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