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  1. I'm not taking a gap year. However, my first year at university is going to be very general as I want to get a taste of some different fields.
  2. Anything but the third option is a very large generalization.
  3. From what I think what % ~ 7 varies depending on the course. There are mark bands ( %x - %y gets a 7. )
  4. If I am alredy taking Enviromental Chemistry what other option do you reccomend that best overlaps, and ideally, is the least challanging... This is HL if that affects your decision.
  5. I had to do the bulk of my IAs in junior year but I have to cover more ciriculum this year so meh. That said I find memorization harder than the IAs so I'm finding this year more time consuming but not "harder" persay.
  6. Us HL'ers do BOTH SL and HL, at least as far as the options go.
  7. what I did for my creativity is join a music class class at my school then not take a mark/credits from it. You might be able to do something similar with a design or dance class.
  8. Here is an interesting article on truth. http://instruct.westvalley.edu/lafave/Truth_theories.html Summary of the summary I linked to: Correspondence theory: a statement must accurately describe reality to be true Coherence theory: if a claim does not counter another claim held to be true it is true Pragmatic theory: If a claim being true makes reality easier to understand/function in it is true
  9. Make sure you connect to the texts a lot, it can be tempting to go off on side tangents and ingore the literature you are supposed to be talking about.
  10. As long as I ended with my maximum line of best fit as the largest slope and my minimum line of best fit as the smallest slope (best fit is in between) am I on the right track?
  11. If my uncertainties on the x-axis how do I create my maximum and minimum lines of best fit needed for slope uncertainty?
  12. I agree with the "sliding scale". From my experiance there are very few people on either extreme and most people generally lean just a little one way or another.
  13. Then in that case I'd disagree. I think there are times when killing can be the best course of action (though usually in the "least worst" sense).
  14. Anthrocentric fallacy: It unlikely humans exist, (hidden premise: HUMANS MUST EXIST) therefore we must have been placed here by a god. Argument from incredulity: A failure to imagine that natural process can lead to this universe and its current state (the general academic opinion.) _______ Personally at this point I don't know if god exists or not (I tend to see better arguments for not), and don't think I know (or ever will) enough to answer with certainty. However I feel it is dishonest, immoral and dangerous when anyone claims an absolute truth where it is immposible to have one; I feel ob
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