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  1. Is it worth remarking an EE 3 points off an A? I've researched a bit and heard both sides, with some people saying that the marking really depends on the moderator vs there not much chance of the actual grade moving. I need an extra point to meet my uni offer and EE is the closest mark to a higher grade across everything but I am just not sure if it is worth it. Does anyone know if there has been much success with EE remarks in general?
  2. Hi! I am an ib student who has just completed exams for the May 2023 cycle. I am one point below my offer for my university so am looking to remark and try to gain an extra point. I was considering TOK to remark but I am currently 4 points of an A which is a bit of a reach. Does anyone know how TOK is marked/remarked? I was looking at the breakdown of marks and it seems like the marks given for the TOK essay are doubled in the to give a final totalled mark out of 30, included TOK exhibition. Does this mean I would only need two marks extra in the TOK essay to gain 4 extra points?
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