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  1. Hi, i just saw your respond thank you i was really stressing out cause my teacher won't help me, your such a big help every time thank you
  2. hello guys i just need help about my IA, so i'm doing primary research and i have to collect the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement of x business for my work and my tools are decision tree and investment appraisal, and i have no clue on what document i have to use for the tools. like do i use balance sheet with decision tree or investment appraisal? ( I don't know if what I'm saying makes sense.) but if you understand please help me.
  3. hi, thank you so much for your help, this is really helpful for me
  4. hello I saw my supervisor and I decided to change, I have two new question here they are: -How do the suicidal impulses in Romeo and Juliet reflect the reality of teenage life? -How do Romeo and Juliet's suicidal impulses reflect the tragedy that surrounds them? please feel free to tell me what you think.
  5. Hello guys i hope you are doing well, so I'm taking business hl class and econ sl but i don't do well in both classes. in econ it's kind of fine but not because I understand the lessons i just learn them word by word but i want to understand them and in Business it's really bad i do understand the basic but it's not much so if you have some tips or any resources please share them it'll be helpful.
  6. hello thank you so much for your help i really needed that, i will apply what you just said thank you
  7. Hello guys so im new here and i just wanted your opinion on my ee research question, here it is "How is the tragedy in love explored in the masterclass Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare?" i feel like this is not good or plain please give me your advice or feedback thank you.
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