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  1. I go to UWC now and if I remember correctly they don't even take into account your middle school grades. However, the selection process changes by country but I´m pretty certain high school grades are SIGNIFICANTLY more important than middle school ones. That being said, If i had to say what is needed to get in, I think all grades do are qualify you, a lot more of what matters are your essays and your interviews and your extra curriculars, so pretty much very similar to U.S. uni admissions. Most National Committees are interested in seeing kids who are passionate and represent the UWC idea
  2. No that was exactly what i needed to know. Thanks you loads
  3. I'm doing my E systems lab on the effect of soil moisture on the primary productivity of spinach. The problem (among many others related to this assignment) is that I've been looking for another experiment to compare mine to for the DEC portion of the lab (discussion, evaluation and conclusion) but I cannot find anything that isn't locked in some database. So two things Does the literature value need to be a lab/experiment that i compare it with or can it just be an article or web page? Secondly any clues on where i could find a literature value to compare with? Much thanks
  4. No problem, we all have to help each other right? If you have any other problems, just PM me My EE is on fragmentation in Nigeria (History) while for TOK I'm doing number three though i haven't put as much thought into my ToK as i should :/
  5. Ok, so no interview, but you still have academic journals and case studies etc. The other options are still doable without interviews. And if you don't have books right now, just look up and order some on amazon, go to a university library or contact a psychologist because they might be able to give you literature on your topic. Have you spoken to your EE supervisor about any of this? Secondly um with anorexia you could look at effect on family, siblings close friends etc? How it affects social development? Grades? Or I'm guessing here but maybe something about how the new media treatment
  6. Hmm well you could discuss an English sport? Or look up something about the royalty? Or just look up traditions, you'll find a wealth of stuff about traditions
  7. Haha ok I'm glad I could be helpful Ok well a couple of things While I like this idea better I still think it is too broad because you would need to explain each of these and then analyse their positives and negatives which while it may seem doable I think will end up being a lot bigger. What i would do if i was you would be to compare two (family and group preferably) or look at the various aspects of one In comparing two, you could ask which is more beneficial to the recovery of a patient. Here you examine each and their strengths and then examine the most important elements to a patient
  8. Contact your guidance counselor and send Oxford a letter explaining your situation so they know why it is late.
  9. Food and festivals and fashion are always easy topics. For example you could explain Thanksgiving in the either US and in Canada: When it's celebrated, why it is celebrated, what people eat, common traditions on that day, etc. Culture is wide,there's so much you can do, just make sure it fits into the requirements.
  10. First of all I think you need to revise your question to make it less broad if you choose to stick with this question. However I'm not sure how good a topic this is because it does not seem to leave much room for analysis, which is the main point of it. Because most research would probably explain but I'm not sure. Why don't you have someone look ever the rough draft, a friend in psychology or just someone on track with their EE? Maybe you could analyse, which support forms are the best or most important to recovery? Something along these lines, that involves you looking at the data and co
  11. Well first of all to find the best schools, check the university league tables for Business and Management Studies here: University Guide 2011: Business and Management Studies That being said, Durham, King's College, Edinburgh and Glasgow are well known universities that offer Business and require less than 38 points, although while they might be the best known, there are not necessarily the best for the subject (as indicated by the league tables) but I would suggest doing some more research
  12. anyone out there with a helpful answer?
  13. Does Oxford (or any other UK universities) offer discounted rates for commonwealth citizens? How do you qualify for this?
  14. yellowleo

    PPE at Oxford

    Hi guys Any 2011 PPE Oxford hopefuls out there? Any clue about what college you like? Oh and do you reckon it matters if your group 4 subject is E. Systems GAHH i cannot believe I'm this excited already!
  15. A Tale of Two Cities is a classic that's always a good read. The Constant Princess is beautiful, about King Henry VIII's wife but it reads like fiction If you haven't read Lord of the Flies, it's pretty good although somewhat gruesome when you actually understand how horrible it is.
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