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  1. Hi, I wouldn't be worried about not being a native English speaker, especially if you're confident or at least moderately confident in your English. I was not a native speaker going into the IB. I was confident in my English though, meaning I knew my level of English wouldn't be an issue, which was why I went to the IB in the first place. Furthermore, English A SL is not very hard. You don't have to do the HL Essay and in your Paper 1 you only have to analyze one text in one hour and 15 minutes. Very doable. I am currently doing English A HL and my overall grades fluctuate from sixes to s
  2. Also, just realized this thread is like four months old. My bad
  3. Then again I consider my English to be pretty good. My writing quality (grammar and such) is much better In English than in Finnish, but then again, Finnish grammar is difficult or at least very extensive. In speech too, I often refer to English words when the Finnish ones escape me. All of this is to say that it depends on your level. If you are at least moderately confident with your English, English HL could suit you.
  4. I would disagree on the English part. If English isn't your mother language, it's not a big deal at all. Disregarding that you can develop your English a lot in the IB, it isn't that hard to get sixes, as long as you follow the formula. Can't speak for Psych but agree that History HL can be very hard, so I wouldn't choose that as a "might as well" HL subject.
  5. Hi, I personally chose only one science subject which was Physics HL. This was because of my personal interest in physics, but also because I figured it would be the most fun out of all the science subjects. As I understand it, Bio and Chem have a lot of memorization in them, which I don't particularly like in a subject. Also, physics is fun in the same way math can be fun if you find joy in solving problems. I can't speak for the other science, but depending on your interests, I would imagine Physics SL would be the most fun for you. Also, SL Physics isn't all that hard given you study f
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