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  1. Kardinia International College, Australia
  2. I completely agree with you, ChikkyD. I came out of Paper 1 thinking "oh crap". My maths teacher came and patted me on the back saying "Don't worry, you still have tomorrow!". I have consistently done better in Paper 2, and I thought Paper 2 was a lot more approachable that Paper 1. I would love a 4 for maths... I've been struggling all year.
  3. FINISHED MUSIC AND MATHS FOR EVERRRRRRRRRR Four down, nine to go! I would hate to be doing HL Maths Paper 3 tomorrow morning...! (Standard level was way more than enough for me )
  4. I really like the course. It's a bit like the VCE course and our teacher sometimes refers us to the VCE textbook. The only downside is that there are limited practise exams to do to prepare for the style which the IB want us to answer because of the fact it is a pilot course. I think it definitely has potential to stay as a normal group 4 subject in the future.
  5. Our class also uses Kamien's Music: An Appreciation but for World Music we use World Music: A Global Journey by Terry E. Miller and Andrew Shahriari.
  6. Music is definitely something I love to do. I'm in a band so a few gigs here and there are always welcome (and good for CAS too!) I love to look up random things on Wikipedia. It honestly makes my time fly by. My school production is on next week so that's something which is keeping my mind off school work, so it can be both stressful and relaxing at the same time I tend to try and keep off Facebook and MSN during school nights...they just make me even more addicted to them and then I don't log off until bedtime
  7. I was just curious to see whether there was anybody who is doing Sports Science for a Group 4 subject, instead of Biology, Physics etc. My school is one of 10 schools in the world who are offering Sports Science as a pilot course. Cheers!
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