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  1. I also had the same blackout problem and I also tried to do something with the triangle, but I don't think I did it right. Hopefully SOME points are awarded for it. Oh and the right way is like 655697708509748748709848704874 times easier. But, oh well...
  2. Are you kidding me!!?? It was insanely easy, piece of cake, my entire school did as if it was a joke, however, even though it was that easy I made a stupid mistake, since I am not very good under pressure, I forgot to sketch the graph... Anyhow, for all of you who wonder how the task (the last one c and d) is solved: you use your GDC, just find the zeroes and that's it! You couldn't possibly do it without it! For part a, just use the formula and simplify it, and that's the whole thing. ps. I agree that the formulation of the d part was very, very stupid. IB should really work on it.
  3. Hey very few guys that have philosophy! Does anybody of you maybe have paper 1 may 2010? Please help! I really need it by tomorrow! Thanks
  4. Hey! Does anybody have paper 1 and 2 maths SL from last year (for free)? They are really hard to find! Urgently needed! Thanks
  5. And guys, thanks for your replies, they are really helpful.
  6. That doesn't matter, at least that's what my CAS coordinator has told me. But our CAS projest has to cover at least two ares of CAS, e.g. creativity and service, or action and creativity....And it has to be big, a lot of people have to be involved.
  7. Sure you can, you can have hot body and not very pretty face... Indian blond or brunette?
  8. Neither, but if I have to choose Selena. pretty and fat or ugly and smoking hot?
  9. indoors (unless you're at the sea side) die young and happy or old and sad?
  10. depends what for... I'll have to say day. book or film?
  11. I begin to freak out..... and then I think that there is still time left..... and then I realise that there is less than a year to go, so I start freaking out again I don't like that philsophy and matematics exams are on the same day. Good luck to us all!
  12. I am supposed to organise my own CAS project and I am looking for ideas. So, I just wanted to know what are you doing/did you do for your CAS project? Any information is helpful.
  13. It would actually be quite helpful if there is somebody (or knows somebody) who plans to study or is already studying linguistics anywhere to share his/her experience with me. Oh, and thanks for all previous ( and future ) replies.
  14. Any country, it doesn't matter, as long as the course is in English.
  15. Hey I REALLY need some help! I would like to study linguistics and/or language(s), but they all want you to have English A1 HL and I can only have English B1 HL,or A2 SL. Does anybody know any university where you can study linguistics (& something - anything, i.e. english, german, spanish, phycology, philosophy...)in English, where they don't insist on English A1?
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