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  1. According to what we were taught, 'to what effect' could be rephrased as what were the outcomes/consequences caused by whatever they're asking about. For example, we were looking at a question about obsessions and fixations. Don't know if you're familiar with The Glass Menagerie, but I'll take it as an example - Amanda (the mother of Tom and Laura) is obsessed with their lives and tries to control them. This ends up destroying/complicating her relationships with them. So that would be the answer to the 'to what effect' part of the question.
  2. I don't have a lot of time left to write it... I'm doing it on Nikolai Gogol's "The Government Inspector" - two topics in mind. Traditional speech, topic: The extent to which the naiveness of Anton Antonovich in Nikolai Gogol’s ‘The Governement Inspector’ acts as a force behind his actions. Monologue, by the mayor, which would take place after the play - perhaps in a prison cell? Speaking of regret, of his thoughts throughout the play.. I think the first one is safest but the second is more original - what do you think??
  3. I think I might speak about the Festival de Cannes, it's been an ongoing tradition for more than 70 years... Bishup, I do French B because it's all my school offers! Thanks for the tips guys
  4. My french IOP is in a few days, I'm not really sure where to start? I know that the bit I need to prepare should be between 3 and 4 minutes long, I also know that my topic should be linked to the francophone culture/lifestyle/history. What type of topics did you pick? Just to have an idea.. Any guidelines or tips would be MUCH appreciated!
  5. 0.3468 -Your age: 17 -Your gender: Female -Whether you smoke (Yes or No): Occasionally (on weekends/nights out) -Whether you drive (including lessons-Yes or No): No -How many hours you play computer games a week (games, not social networking/internet research etc): less than an hour -How many hours you spend playing sport a week: 4-5 -Which hand you write with: right -Your date of birth: 20.02.1993
  6. You can answer this question logically. Everyone who basically has an interest in what the business does is considered a stakeholder. Let's take a school as an example..Stakeholders are the staff, the students, the students' parents, the owners, the investors, the surrounding community (when it comes to noise/construction etc) and so it goes.
  7. I had the same issue..when I asked my teacher he said that you should try stick to the SL syllabus. If you put HL content into your IA it will just be disregarded and considered as being off topic.
  8. 98 downloads

    Physics IB Syllabus
  9. 39 downloads

    Summary of chapter 4.1 - The Role of Marketing
  10. 34 downloads

    Summary of Chapter 1.9 - Globalization
  11. 34 downloads

    Summary of Chapter 1.8 Change Management
  12. 46 downloads

    Summary of Chapter 1.4 - Stakeholders
  13. 44 downloads

    Summary of Chapter 1.3 - Organizational Objectives
  14. 61 downloads

    Summary of chapter 1.1 - Nature of Business Activity.
  15. I think it's both. Starts socially, ends up being psychological.
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