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  1. Winston means that he won the battle against the party, as he surpassed the boundaries established by the party, and the thinkpol didn´t get him during his rebellious acts with Julia. Winston controlled himself and didn´t let the party control him. As the novel progresses we interpret that this situation reverses as he betrays Julia and is re-educated by the party.
  2. Hey! II will major in arhcitecture, and as a past IB student I took: English A2 HL Spanish A1 HL History SL Physics SL (ESSENTIAL, AT SL ONLY) Mathematics SL (ESSENTIAL, YOU MIGHT CONSIDER HL AS WELL) Visual Arts HL (ESSENTIAL AT EITHER HL or SL, YOUR CHOICE) I agree with you that Business and Management SL is the easiest group 3 subject, and I think you must take it because it introduces students to the world of business management which is a task that is inevitable for all architects as they will have a business. But, you also have to consider Geography SL, which I myslef find it very inter
  3. Well, I think that the best study method is to revise the complete syllabus for each subject before the mock. Try to get the syllabus published by the IB in the internet for the sciences, which is a great tool as it states all the concepts that you must know before the exam. (if you can't find on the web, i can e mail you some guides). Another great technique is to summarize the content for each subject, say history, which is very long to study and usually a period of 100 years is covered in the course. I don't know which IB Math course you're taking, but as I assume your exams are may 2011,
  4. I think your topic is not that valuable (I think). When looking for sources about weather and Operation Barbarossa you may have a hard time, and believe me History IA´s are the ones that make students suffer the most. I don´t want to tear out your topic nor freak you out, but its kind of simple and the IB wants more thorough and concise investigations, where differing views of historians can be appreciated. Talk to your teacher that sure knows more than me! GOOD LUCK!
  5. This site: www.xtremepapers.net is a database that collects past papers for ALL IB subjects. It´s great, but it contains exams up to 2008 mainly. for 2009 exams you should browse them by code in google. For now, keep practising with papers ranging from 1997 - 2008! have fun!
  6. I have a correction to your statement. Actually World Lits are part of the language A1 external assessment, and ALL world lit papers are sent to IB, not just a sample. check the A1 guide for further info!
  7. paper 1 was barely easy, but paper 2 was the worst physics paper 2 ever!! I'm so sure that grade boundaries are going down!! down!! DOWNTOWN!!
  8. I found Paper 2 a little bit more challenging that paper 1. The ferris wheel was the most challenging exercise in the paper, I just got the height at 15 minutes which was 101 m right? The other section B exercises were not hard. In exercise 9 who did you find to have more probability of passing the exam? Mark or Bill? I went for Bill because he had a little more probability than Mark. (I guess) What did you get for the standard deviation, median, and IQR in exercise 1? I found that exercise pretty hard, but then they told me that you could do it with the GDC! damn! Anyway I expect more than 5
  9. and what did you get as coordinates of the shifted function in exercise 9? I got (4,3) i think, and then there was this part of finding the tangent or something like that. how did you solve that?
  10. Paper 1 section A questions were pretty easy, except for the matrices one, I just found the expression for the determinant. Did you guys simplify that expression or left it unsimplified? Question 10 was unthinkable I just got the slope and nothing else! For the area of the triangle I got sqroot of 5. I don´t know if I´m right, but I tried to find the vector DK and so I got 2 separate and EQUAL triangles as K was the midpoint of the chord. Then I got the absolute value of each vector and found the area of one triangle and multipiled it by 2. Did someone used this method?
  11. Actually, I´ve never heard of listing sources that way. If I were you I would put the source list and the content in the same page, because at the end you will have to make copies of your pages and you can only send 25 - 30 copies that reveal important content of the workbook. If you attach the other side of the page it will be counted as another individual page of the sample. Do it now! anyway, if I´m not wrong your exam is in May 2012! you have plenty of time! GOOD LUCK!
  12. Hey! i've got my A1 exam on november 3rd and 4th, that is less than two weeks! when did you start to thoroughly revise the course content? is it really necessary to spend 1 hour from now till november 3rd? Btw i got a predicted grade of 5. thanks!
  13. Hey! I´m taking the A2 English exam in three weeks, and I really want a good grade in English. I did quite well on the internal assessments. Do you have any writing guideline that assures me a good grade? thanks!
  14. hey~! i wrote the same essay title, and i based my answer in the sciences and history. which areas of knowledge are u basing your essay? Personally, I would use Art as a counterargument in the essay, because Art is a discipline that is totally subjective and depends on the opinions of the society on aesthetics, so basically, the individual provides his own evidence to support his own beliefs. I think that there's no truth nor falsity in the arts, it all depends on the humankind. Hope I helped!
  15. Hey! your topic for debate seems really interesting! actually, I don´t know much about IB anthropology because I´m not taking the subject, but I can help you relating the problem with TOK that is the essence of the oral. One problem that comes to my mind is related to translations in different languages, for example when you´re watching a movie with subtitles, many times, expressions that exist in english do not make any sense when they´re told in spanish for instance. Never happened to you? You should look for an example for phrases that have a meaning in a given language but do not mean some
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