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  1. Well I recorded some videos of the attraction (it's the pirate ship) and I'm trying to model its function on Tracker, maybe I could find its speed or acceleration. Also, I wanted to demonstrate (?) if the ride time depends on the hour of the day and the number of people that get on the pirate ship. Lastly, maybe I could find the differential equation of the ship (?) Idk I'm taking biology, not physics but yesterday I'm being watching videos about pendulum movement and SHM. I need to present the draft tomorrow so I'm going to do the much as I can, maybe my teacher could help more but t
  2. My teacher has already asked for our ia drafts but I have done nothing, I was trying to research about pendulum movement in one of the attractions of an amusement park here in my city, but it seems that pendulums are more related to a physics topic than a math one so I really don't know how to continue. I would be thankful if someone could tell me if it's a good math ia topic or if should I change it. Thanks!! (btw english its not my first language but I'm desperate for help)
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