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  1. hey, so im in the midst of my IB Music IA. Im currently working on my experimenting portion of the project and I'm having a hard time coming up with a third preforming experiment. I chose Apre un Reve and im developing it into different styles, jazzy, ornamented, and I need one more. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. dude I've thought about it so much... im so stress and like dying. I've had to start taking anti depressants and anti anxiety pills because its so bad.
  3. see idk if the HI is the IA for history but that's what we call it. Do a crap ton of research, that's what I did. My question was to what extent was the election and death of Harvey milk the true beginning of the LGBTQ movement. maybe it was my writing style but my history teacher loved it. I suggest doing something that means a lot to you. the mental health thing seems like a good one if you have experience or heavy interest in mental health. one of my friends is doing hers on feminism, and another is doing his on Frida Kahlo, it really just depends. you could reform the mental health idea, I
  4. umm... I think your missing the Russian revolution, ww1, Russian civil war, ww2, the Cold War, Stalin, Gorbachev, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky (im a music nerd and they had rolls to play), and the red scare... it wasn't mongols and THEN communism....
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