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  1. I don't know a TON about the EE, but from what I have seen originality and creativity isn't 100% needed, as long as the essay is written well and isn't obviously plagiarized or anything. Again, just coming from what I have heard from others, it's even recommended that, in some cases, that you choose a more common topic so that it is easier for you to look at examples and find resources.
  2. It has happened A LOT the past couple years at my school. The school is only their third year of even having IB, so the program is really small to begin with. As of now, we have 13 juniors still in the program. So far only one junior has been dropped out (not out of their own will, for other reasons) and about 3 or so juniors have willingly dropped out, but I also tend to see many people drop out when they hit senior year. Almost every single one of them I've talked to claims that it is due to high stress levels and/or classes being too difficult.
  3. Hello! My first post on here. I have to select my extended essay topic by the middle of this week and I'm still a little unsure about my specific question. I know for sure I would like to do a literature essay that analyzes various Edgar Allan Poe works. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions as to what specific question would be a good idea in order to get high marks.
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