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  1. Is IB computer science HL a lot of theory regurgitation for the exams? For those who have taken GCSE Computer Science could you compare the level of theory I need to memorise? I'm alright with the programming but its the theory side that doesn't look too sunny.
  2. Hey guys, I just discovered this forum as I was doing some research on my IB subject choices. I am really confused between HL Chemistry and HL CS as both of them are pretty good options for me and I like both so I was looking for some advice regarding my subject choices. Here's some background information: I'm taking my GCSEs in May. I wanted to pursue either astrophysics or particle physics in uni but maybe fall back on CS if I don't enjoy either of them I want to perhaps pursue a MBA in the future I'll be applying to US universities Good at math and logi
  3. Hi astrogeek! Seeing as you have already taken your exams, I wanted to ask for some advice on how you found the three subjects and how you managed the workload as I plan on taking the same subjects.
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