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  1. Yes, at my school you sign a very binding contract when you get into IB. That was the only way that they could leave other than dropping to the course program but they wanted to leave fully.
  2. Hey champ, The only thing that I don't understand is why you would want to take Business management when it doesn't apply to anything you want to major in. If your school offers it I think it would make more sense to take something like psychology though I'm not sure if that makes sense for you particularly.
  3. Of course. If you're very good at history then I would definitely recommend HL. I will say that here in the states it's not a class based on knowledge of historical events but more about learning how to answer the questions on the finals. Also, I just finished my history IA and it was pretty terrible, mine ended up being something like 11 pages total. I am currently in English A Lit HL and at least in our class, it is heavily based on reading and analyzing texts as well as writing a ton of essays. I really enjoy that class and I would say that it is fairly easy compared to the rest of my cours
  4. You're very good at writing ok that's valuable that mattered to the world don't kill yourself champ hopefully you are in a better place now and I'm sorry that you feel this way.
  5. I had a friend who had to sign papers to legally drop out of high school in order to fully leave the IB due to mental health things. It's very sad what it does to people sometimes not just because of COVID though I'm sure that didn't help.
  6. Hello, champ, If English isn't your mother language then I wouldn't choose it as your HL. I've heard from a friend that psychology HL does not allow for gaining a lot of credits. I'm in History HL currently and I will say it's one of my hardest courses so far but out of the three that would be my recommendation.
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