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  1. Hi, so thank you so much. Now, I actually know how to right, and I have a really high average in history, I'm passing right now with an A+. As for English, I wouldn't really know, also because HL has 5 hours so it would be easier, and I would have more time, but at the same time I would have double the work, especially on Macbeth and Shakespeare. If instead, I would add French B SL instead of history?
  2. Hi, I'm in Myp5 and soon I have to choose subjects, but I don't know if they are good enough to get into a good university. My school does not offer many courses but I would do this: IT LIT HL (Mother language), BM HL, MATH aa SL, DESIGN SL (not offered high), ENG LIT AND LANG SL. And I don't know what to put as third high, between HISTORY, PSYCHOLOGY or put English high and history or psychology SL
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