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  1. Social Cognitive Theory Social cognitive theory explains how we can learn behavior through observation. It assumes that we learn behavior through observational learning. We can learn by watching models and imitating their behavior. The study suggest that we can learn more from people how we relate to, if we have a sense of self-efficacy. We can also imitate those how experience vicarious behavior. If you see someone getting punished or rewarded for e certain type of behavior, you are less likely to imitate that behavior. There are a couple of factors that involves the social cognit
  2. Working memory model The working memory model proposes that the ‘central executive’ allocates data to sub-systems based on modality. This is either visual or auditory sensory information. Auditory information goes to the phonological loop and visual and spatial information goes in the visuospatial sketchpad to be processed. The episodic buffer is a temporary store that integrates information from other components maintains information from other components and maintains a sense of time so that events occur in a continuing sequence. Landry and Bratling investigated this in 201
  3. SAQ cultural dimensions Describe one cultural dimension, referring to one study. Culture can be defined as a set of values, behaviour and beliefs shared by a large collective of people. This is usually transmitted across generations. Cultural dimensions are the values of members living within a cultural that can affect your behaviour. One cultural dimension is individualism-collectivism. Individualistic cultures and collectivistic cultures differ in terms of how an individual defines their personality. In individualistic culture, the individual defines their personality
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