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  1. Thx so much for the info. I have just one more question do they ever tell you your grade if you get in about the math exam? Im just curious.
  2. Hi, I am also applying to colonel by’s IB program. I don’t know how to calculate average my school does it, but I got a C which lowered my average, but my essay was good(I think). Do you know how the exam will be? I’m kind of nervous ngl. I hope you pass as well to Colonel By S.S. Let me know if you know anything.
  3. So my exam is in 8 days i have been studying the gauss exam. But can i still get in if my essay isn't that good and i have a C? If i get a good garde on the math exam will it change my chances?
  4. I also have my test on the 28th. Do you remember what type of questins were there? like was it more pascal or aptitude reasoning thinking? because I know that the test is 40 questions
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