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  1. Hello! Unfortunately, Merivale also hasn't sent me anything yet. I think my theory might be wrong, but keep waiting because I think we still will get accepted. Don't give up just yet.
  2. Okay! Thanks for letting me know. Ideally, we should get our results between next Monday and Wednesday. Good luck!
  3. i'm going to glen cairn ps for grade 8 currently, if i don't get in to the IB, i'll have to go to AY Jackson SS.
  4. Hello people of IBSurvival! I had a question about the Merivale HS waitlist as I am not finding the answer ANYWHERE! Basically, got my IB results on Friday, Feburary 24, 2023. The email said that I was put on the first quarter waiting list. I have an overall average of 91% The email went on and during the end, it said that "If needed, a second round of admissions would occur the week of March 6th." I still didn't get the email. The reason I am writing this is because I have many friends (11) who were on the 1st quarter waiting list and nobody got in. I am wondering if
  5. I also have my math test on the 28th for Merivale, just like the other guy. Can you please describe the test for the both of us? Like the types of questions.
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