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  1. I have not taken AP Stats, but I may try to research some statistics material over the summer to prepare myself. I was quite worried about the physics HL because there will be a new IB physics teacher next year. However, my dilemma's over, as I recently found out the school is no longer offering HL physics starting next year due to low enrollment. Thanks to everyone who offered advice, I will be taking math as my third HL and SL physics. Does anyone here have experience with college physics in comparison to HL/SL physics, as in, will I be properly prepared? Also, is there a way I could ensure
  2. Thank you! I think I will try continuing the course plan and be very prepared to switch Physics to SL if the first few months is anywhere near the maximum I can handle, since it gets harder from there. I will check if I'm able to take out Spanish because it's hard for me but might be a requirement. I'll also check with my school's IB coordinator to see if I could take an HL down if I needed to, I wasn't aware that was a viable option. You're right about the problem being my school's weird thing with forced humanities HLs - I don't want to have to take 4 HLs and if I had the choice I definitely
  3. hi! I'm entering the IB next year and am very unsure whether to continue with my plan, as many people have told me it will be too hard. my school is making me take literature and history as HL, and the only math courses it has are Math AA HL and Math AI SL. I'm planning on taking AA HL. I will also do Spanish SL for year 1 and ESS SL for year 2. I also want to take Physics HL, however I'm on the fence about that as it's 4 HLs. I want to go into engineering and I really love and am good at math and physics, I have a 4.0 right now, although take that with a grain of salt because my school is ver
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