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  1. I researched about the definitions of right wing and left wing but I'm still very confused as to how you would determine whether rulers like Stalin/Mussolini/Hitler are left wing or right? Thanks!!! I'm sorry if this is a dumb question to be asking.
  2. Can someone tell me the difference, they look very similar to me. Thanks! Also is History paper 1 the sources paper?
  3. I have joined a course to learn about the first aid skills, so would it be C or A or S?? Please help, thanks!
  4. as above, like with good exam tips as to how to score full marks in essay questions.... Thanks.
  5. Note: I am not spamming in any way or posting this question just to boost up my POST COUNTS. thanks. EXCEPT MUSIC INSTRUMENTS, are there anything else???!! THANKS!
  6. Would i fail the diploma if I missed a certain amount of lessons for eg. Maths SL? SOrry for not being very clear in my question.
  7. can someone give me the link to the Maths SL, and Maths Studies past papers?
  8. I don't understand how the law courses in universities work at all. They say you apply for another course and then you get the degree then you apply for law. Does that mean IB results don't matter since you don't take it in the first year, only uni results count..? Currently I have maths SL and English SL (A1). But, I'm thinking to change to Maths studies? But, would it be good enough? Should I take English HL, or is Eng SL enough?
  9. Usually it links automatically to the ib pdf file, but now it won't work. I'm trying to get this document with all the economic definition terms. does anyone know where else can i find this? Thanks
  10. Can someone explain to me the difference between Paper1,2, and 3? for HistoryHL
  11. Also, what does the part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 represent? For ENG-A1, what do the diff. parts: Part 1, 2, 3, 4 represent? cos i know the books as to what part we use it for. but i don't know what we do in each part.
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