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    This is an IA that was written to prepare for the actual Physics IA. The final criteria D has been altered to include just the main points which is not the same for the actual IA. I created my own experiment and a "wind tunnel" trying to prove if changing the angle of attack of affects the generation of lift in a wing of an airplane.
  2. Hi! I am in DP 1 now and want to share my revision village gold with anyone interested. Since one gets signed out when the other joins, it is best if the person resides in China, Russia or West coast US. You will get full access for just $90. -Arjo-----Math HL is harddddd
  3. Don't know if I will get a reply. Has been a while. 😀 Background Status: Indian Male Country: Sweden School Type: Small, international, diverse. Academics: Scores: SAT I: Not in the US. SAT II: Not in the US. GPA: Not in the US. Rank: Doesn't exist in our school, hard to judge. IB Senior year course schedule and predicted grades: Chemistry SL - 5 Physics HL - 6 Maths HL - 6 English Lang Lit HL - 7 Swedish B
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